Education in a recovering nation: Renewing special education in Kosovo

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“The inexhaustible problem of the Balkans” (Tuchman, 1962, p. ix). Kosovo, technically still a province of Serbia, was devastated by the wars of the 1990s, culminating in 1999 in the flight of refugees to neighboring countries, whether voluntarily or through deliberate “ethnic cleansing”; the NATO bombing raids; the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops; and the transfer of civil administration to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). UNMIK's Department of Education and Science (DES) set about reorganizing the education system without regard to ethnicity. This article presents a case study of the state of education of students who are deaf and blind during the war and in the early days of the DES administration in the hope of a more peaceful future for the children of Kosovo.


Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education

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