Self-Regulated Strategy Development in Writing: Premises, Evolution and the Future

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Background. Self-regulated strategy development (SRSD) is a strategies instruction approach under development since 1982. Originally developed for struggling writers and students with learning disabilities, research has shown that SRSD is effective for average and above writers as well.Aims. In this article, we establish that the development of SRSD was grounded in multiple theoretical approaches, including theories often seen as incompatible.Arguments. First, we look at research in writing and then turn to what research tells us about the importance and impact of writing strategies instruction. The theoretical and empirical foundations of SRSD are presented. The components, characteristics, and instructional processes of the SRSD model of strategies instruction are then discussed, followed by a summary of the research base for SRSD and limitations of the work done to date.Conclusions. Finally, we address research that is still needed as SRSD, and the future of writing research, continue to evolve.


Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education

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