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This paper outlines actions that educational change leaders can take to better meet their curriculum change obligations and responsibilities. In order to do this we extend Vygotsky’s (1978) zonal theory and its many extensions and elaborations by positioning educational change leadership within this theory. We rename the zones to Zone of Principal Responsibilities, Zone of Principal Support, Zone of Professional Learning, Zone of Teacher Resistance and Zone of Principal Illusion, and we introduce the Zone of Curriculum Change and represent these zones in diagrammatical form. We use our research on mathematics curriculum change in one school as an example of how our new zonal theory lens supports educational change leadership. Our findings illuminate possible actions and reactions of the principal and the teacher that ultimately suggest a way forward for turning around unsuccessful curriculum change. Our new zonal theory provides opportunities for change leaders to reduce teacher resistance with evidence that the action and reaction of the principal and the teacher are not independent of each other but are, in fact, co-constructed.

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