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In this exhibition I have used fantasies of woman that have come about due to repressed desires. Through their enactment I aim to fulfil these as far as possible within the public realm. The styles of Participatory Realist Documentary, Surrealist alter egos and Magic Realism have been adopted to understand and to immerse myself into and the various archetypes I am enacting. Concepts that inform the show are – the self-scrutinisation that becomes evident when a person pursues a fantasy that is different to the ideas of a dominating ideological force, returning the gaze back onto the eye of power, and the eventual erasing of gender binaries in order to fulfil my fantasy of becoming the “Other.” Surrealist Ethnographic Documentary techniques are added to my film footage to make the audience question whether what they are seeing is true or not, and to maintain my role as the invisible provocateur.

This exhibition comprises the practical component of Penelope Trotter's PhD research.

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