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E-Business has gained much attention as a new opportunity to provide global competitiveness for companies in developing countries. This study is primarily focused on critical success factor of e-Business systems in developing countries, especially in Kazakhstan. This study aims to provide a framework to unfold the barriers and challenges so that companies in Kazakhstan take benefit of making a right decision for e-Business implementation.

To achieve the goal of the research, the survey was conducted to assess and understand the landscape of of e-Business in Kazakhstan and identify the key success factors which can be utilized in improving the design and implementation of e-Business systems. Kazakhstan, as a leader of Central Asia, has a great potential to impact expansion of e-Business systems in this region. In order to prepare a well designed e-Business systems which reflect success factors identified in this study, a framework to develop a landscape design for e-Business systems might be necessary.

This study revealed critical factors affecting successful implementation of e- Business in Kazakhstan, which has shown the reality of success factors in developing countries. It is expected that success factors identified in this study can be utilized in designing and implementing e-Business systems in developing countries. In addition, it might be desirable to stay aware of opportunities and an initiative to improve businesses rather than the solution, especially in developing countries.

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