Increasing teacher education students' awareness of effective strategies to reduce and prevent school bullying

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A short film "Boys Grammar" was released on national television to heighten public awareness of damaging effects of bullying on children today (Francis & Davis, 2005). One message from the film was that victims felt teachers did not respond effectively when bullying occurred. Another message from 87% of teachers was that they do not have the skills to handle bullying and they are appealing for more training (Dake, Price, & Telljohann, 2003). Although the Australian Government has invested significant funds in providing programs to help schools to eradicate the problem, one in five students are still regularly bullied in schools (Ellis, 2004). A compulsory assignment for 156 Bachelor of Education students studying a unit of Child Development and Learning investigated the topic of bullying. The task elements were a thorough literature review, a critique of educational applications; an academic reflection, and a personal reflection of the impact of bullying on their own lives. A compilation of valuable elements gleaned from these assignment elements were linked to current literature on the promotion of positive, proactive, and preventative teaching and learning environments for Australian schoolchildren.


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