Julfa Cemetery Digital Repatriation Project

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The Julfa Cemetery Digital Repatriation Project aims to return the 2000 medieval UNESCO intangible world heritage khachkars from Julfa to the Armenian people. The project outcomes will include two permanent 3D installations, in Yerevan Armenia and Sydney Australia, as well as an international touring installation. These three installations will present the 2000 khachkars in a 3D virtual reconstruction of Julfa cemetery’s geographical location in what is now Azerbaijan. Further outcomes will include an online virtual reality version of the cemetery installation; a permanent archive of historical photographs, facsimile illustrated manuscripts, maps, journals and other documents available online and from the Australian Catholic University; online and face-to-face workshops in best practice digital repatriation; published books and papers and international conferences on digital repatriation of destroyed cultural monuments in the Near East and Middle East.

Methodologies, primary and secondary sources, internet and physical resources and regular project updates will be provided on this webpage in order to facilitate and support other digital repatriation projects. This project is hosted by The Australian Catholic University.

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