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The data gathered attempt to lead the Galatians crisis, which underpins the letters to the Galatians, on a broader historical context. Taking the chronicle approach, as opposed to attempting to reconstruct the historical situation, the data gathered focus on the idea that the Galatians belong to a body of letters of St Paul and also the Acts of the Apostles. Information from the other letters of St Paul and the Acts of the Apostles is gathered to create a larger context, and answer questions in regard to what led up to the Galatian crisis and how it was resolved. To do this the Pauline Corpus and the Acts of the Apostles were read looking for further information that would form the basis to reconstruct a larger historical context. This body of data is the source for writing on the nature of the crisis itself, and more broadly on the nature of Christianity. This investigation has evolved from the up until recently ignored 19th century German scholarship that had been arguing that the Galatians crisis was a part of a broader issue. Print material, mostly out of print, was sourced. Much of the material is written in German. Endnote Libraries Microsoft Word documents Mind maps/visual diaries – hand drawn on sketch books.

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