Understanding of discrimination against people with Albinism in East Africa

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Data collected to build knowledge and understanding of discrimination against people with Albinism in East Africa in order to guide effective responses and strategies to address this. Data are in English and in Swahili.

Data: Bibliography of articles, books etc on the topic (not limited to those copied for the research). Set of articles from Tanzanian newspaper websites. One set is English, one is Swahili. Excel file with summary of articles, bibliography.
Sources: newspaper websites (i.e. IPPmedia group, Mwananchi communications, Majira P/L) Data format: Excel file with list of news articles.

Word documents (news articles including text and photos). Excel file with list of the articles. Bibliography in Endnote (can be provided in word doc). Private individuals named in the original articles have not given consent to be identified. They would need to be anonymised for any published research. Some people mentioned in the articles are a vulnerable group.

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Research Data

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Albinism, Tanzania, Africa, Violence

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