2011 NCLS Attender Data Survey Types AP and AC

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The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is a project of NCLS Research. The primary aim of the NCLS is to provide information to Christian congregations and parishes about the health or vitality of their local church. However, it also covers a range of other research areas. The NCLS has collected data from several thousand congregations/parishes, hundreds of thousands of church attenders and thousands of local church leaders from approximately 20 Christian denominations across Australia every five years since 1991, coinciding with Australian Census of Population and Housing years.

This dataset is derived from the 2011 NCLS. It is a sample of 5,000 respondents from the 2011 Main Attender Survey Types AP (Protestant) and AC (Catholic). The variables cover the following areas: demographics, religiosity, church attendance background, denominational affiliation (Catholic, Mainstream Protestant, Evangelical Protestant, Pentecostal and Other Protestant), participation in the attender's church, experience and evaluation of the attender's church, personal leadership strengths, civic participation, and acts of service.

The dataset is available as a SPSS file accompanied by a codebook in PDF. NCLS Research is a cooperative research venture of Anglicare (Diocese of Sydney), Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT (Uniting Mission and Education), the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Australian Catholic University.


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National Church Life Survey (NCLS), survey, church attenders, Protestant, Catholic