NCLS Operations Data 2006. Sample data

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Sample of the total Australian data from the NCLS 2006 survey. Rather than survey data from individuals in the church, it is one-per-church survey addressing more objective information about the church (eg average attendance, presence of different ministries, etc).
It contains information from 475 different churches (roughly 10% of the total set) in 17 different denominations. These cases are the same churches represented in the "ANCLS Attender Data 2006. Sample data".
Churches and denominations are not identified, except with numeric IDs.
Operations data could be merged with Attender Data or aggregated attended data.

The dataset is available as one PASW Statistics Data file (v.18) and a PDF file documenting the nature and structure of the data.


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National Church Life Survey (NCLS), survey, church attenders, Protestant, Catholic

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