Maronite Church and Youth Identity in Australia

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In occasion of World Youth Day (WYD) Sydney 2008 an International Maronite Youth Conference was sponsored by the Maronite Bishop of Australia.

This event offered IACE (Institute for Advancing Community Engagement) the opportunity to collect data from:

  • the Maronite forum organised by and attended by the Patriarch, Bishops from various diocese across the Middle East and male and female youth from various Maronite Diocese across the world.
  • the survey to explore youth’s view on how the Maronite Church operates in a changing world and understand Maronite’s youth identity outside of Lebanon and in a changing world.

Surveys were conducted at the beginning of the Forum and at the end of the 3 Day Forum.

Group topics were recorded in notes and then groups reassembled at the end of each day. Brainstorming session was recorded on butchers paper

Digital and print copies of the material are kept.

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