Interrogating science education using critical-philosophical inquiry

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This collection is the product of interrogating scholarly literature using critical-philosophical inquiry and other forms of textual analysis including post-colonial theory to critique the normative discourse/s within science education literature. There is a particular emphasis on globalisation and indigenous scientific knowledge. These methodological approaches applied to the discipline of science education have broadened the discourse by introducing new ways of conceptualising science education and modes of synthesis.

Overall aim of the research is to transform science education working within a socio-cultural approach to promote the goals of active citizenship, cultural diversity and ecological sustainability. It employs critical-philosophical inquiry and post-colonial theory as analytic methods to achieve its aims. This is an ongoing project evolving in scope to introduce new perspectives and conceptualisations within science education.

Data consists of analysis of scholarly literature and various realia.

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Socio-cultural aspects of science education, globalisation, post-colonialism, sustainability science, education for sustainability

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