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Data contributed to Colossae project - both sourced from elsewhere and newly created.

Copies of ancient travel journals, diaries, photographs of existing material held in museums, photographs of the site, and photographs of material that have been either previously unpublished or newly undiscovered. Each of those can be further elaborated into, for example, datasets of what ancient travellers noted about the site, from, for instance, 1600 to early 20th century or of all aspects of the site and its surrounding area. Such datasets have not yet been published. A subsidiary aspect has been to pull together the research work of specialists with various interests in the site. This has unlocked material that particularly for western scholarship has not been known -- particularly surveys of ancient pottery completed by two Turkish postgraduate students. That data is held by them and I have access to it through contact with them. There is also a collection of maps and 19th century etchings related to the area


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Mediated access by contacting Prof. Cadwallader, alan.cadwallader@acu.edu.au.

All access to data subject to consultation with Rev Dr Michael Trainor, Flinders University.

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