Submissions from 2004

From Vision to Reality :Capacity Building for System Change, Marea Anne Nicholson, Janette Adele Long, and Michael King

Debating educational values: Good citizen or good person?, John Talivaldis Ozolins


The disparate olfactory determination of sex and age in humans :reflecting the reproductive and relationship characteristics of the species, Robert N. Paddle and Jacquelynn Robert

Taiwan's Interesting Times, Andrew Christie Papadimos

The utility of work and family stressors and perceived social support in the prediction of counselling: Utilisation, Andrea Quah and Terence Victor Bowles

The Development of an 'Audit Framework' for Reviewing the Culture in Mercy Schools, Annette Schneider

Review and Development of an Undergraduate Course in Information Systems, Jan Seruga and Pamela Ellen Gibbons

La Clarte Francaise: The National Character of French Orchestral Writing in the early 20th century, Patricia Shaw

Can the notion of affordances be of use in the design of a technology enriched mathematics curriculum?, Gloria Stillman, Jill Patricia Brown, and Sandra Herberts

Risky Business :Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility, Helen Joyce Stuart

The Changing Identities of British Airways, Helen Joyce Stuart and John Balmer

The Contribution of Stress Level :Coping Styles and Personality Traits to International Students' Academic Performance, Tryphena Jacqueline Ta and nCecelia Winkelman

The role of interactions between parents and children in social skills development in children, Gillian Terrett and Michelle Puttick


Teaching first year students to communicate their reasoning, Theda Thomas, Alanah Kazlauskas, and Tim Davis

Generalising arithmetic :Supporting the process in the early years, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Strategies for the use of deception within romantic relationships, Alexandra Elizabeth West and Barry John Fallon


Abstraction in mathematics and mathematics learning, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore

Background Knowledge and connectedness :The Case of Mathematics, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore

The Influence of Perceived Constrains on Teachers' Problem-Solving Beliefs and Practices, Paul White, Peter Sullivan, and Judy Anderson

Attraction for outgroup members: Is there a role for attitude importance and attitude similarity?, Cecelia Winkelman, Gillian Terrett, and Barry John Fallon

Investigation of a model explaining retention of international students, Part I: A cross-cultural comparison, Yin Wong, Permata Hamid, Elouisa Aranjuez Hall, and Terence Victor Bowles

Design Consideration of the MOR, Bingyang Zhou

Submissions from 2003

Sharing resources to build a learning community: A curriculum integration proposal, Robert Aaron, Christine Dennis, and Bosung Kim

Bati da son Donem Kuran Galismalarina Genel Bir Bakis, Ismail Albayrak

Kuran ve Tetst Agisindan Hzir Kissas, ve Ledun iimi, Ismail Albayrak

Insurance: Risk management development and new initiatives in the outdoor profession, Sandra Joan Allen-Craig

More perspectives on the impact of globalisation on mathematics education in higher education in Australia, Bill Atweh and Philip C. Clarkson


Visual culture: The economy of the visual in the curriculum, Joanna Barbousas


The arts as a catalyst for improved learning outcomes for youth in detention, Carolyn Broadbent


Building effective inclusive classrooms through supporting the professional learning of special needs teacher assistants, Carolyn Broadbent and Jill Burgess


Defining moments in determining a complete graph in a graphing calculator teaching and learning environment, Jill Patricia Brown

Business Student's Attendance at Lectures, Rudolph Brown, Yoosuf Ahmed Cader, and Dean Colin Stevens

Designing a web-based learning environment, John Denis Byrne and Jan Seruga


Artists who teach, Judith Stephanie Carroll

Bodies of evidence: Bodies of work, Judith Stephanie Carroll

Defining Core Employees :An Exploration of the Human Resource Architecture, Janet Cheng Lian Chew

Changing assessment for changing times, Doug McLean Clarke

Open-ended realistic division problems, generalization and early algebra, Tom Coope and rElizabeth Anne Warren

Intelligent agents in an e-literate society: Some ethical considerations, Carolyn Dowling

Preserving the human quality in education at a distance, Carolyn Dowling


The role of the human teacher in learning environments of the future, Carolyn Dowling

Conflict at home and work: Do we manage the conflict in the same way?, Barry John Fallon

Validation of the adaptive change questionnaire and definition of adaption and maladaption functioning of a clinical and non clinical group, Barry John Fallon

Celibacy and intimacy: A clerical dilemma, Barry John Fallon and Georja Power

Sacred and profane: Gay Catholic priests, Barry John Fallon and Georja Power

A preliminary investigation of the relationship between parental empathy and social anxiety and children's social anxiety, Vicky Rosemary Flory, Amy Dukes, David Mellor, and Kathleen Moore


What Students Say: Analysis of Structured Survey Data in Relation to Technology and Mathematics, Vince Geiger


Difficulties children face when learning to count, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Key transitions in counting development for young children who experience difficulty, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Deliberately Constructing Nature in a Contested World, Dallas Hanson and Helen Joyce Stuart

Revisiting the Australian child: Nick Earl's 48 Shades of Brown, Anna Fienberg's Borrowed Light and Helen Barnes's Killing Aurora, Margot Hillel

Gender differences in the early years in addition and subtraction, Marjorie Horne

Determinants of dynamism in softward production in high-technology Clusters :a study of Bangalore; Southern India, Girija Krishnaswamy and M. Vijayabaskar

An Investigative Study of the Effectiveness of Business-to-Business, Gregory Lazarus and Jan Seruga


Investigating the nature of the student experience online: Social engagement factors, Joe Luca and Catherine E. McLoughlin


Making teamwork equitable with online technology: A case study, Joe Luca and Catherine E. McLoughlin

Aging effects of adaptive gait strategies, Noel Desmond Lythgo, Rezaul Begg, and Russell Best

Sharing and Caring: The Dilemma of Public and Private Organisational Effectiveness, Sugumar Mariappanadar and Peter Townsend


Assessment online: New horizons and blue skies, Linda Marshall, Maria Northcote, and Catherine E. McLoughlin


Working together to enhance Australian Aboriginal students' mathematics learning, Sue Matthews, Peter Howard, and Joseph Robert Perry

Stigmatising the mentally ill, Penelope McDonald and Cecelia Winkelman

Describing the practice of effective teachers of mathematics in the early years, Andrea Mary McDonough and Doug McLean Clarke

Perspectives on the quality of online education: New conceptions of curriculum, student roles and learning, Catherine E. McLoughlin

How does the quality debate relate to the nature of the student experience online?, Catherine E. McLoughlin


Using the web to support lifelong learning: Improving access through recognition of prior learning, Catherine E. McLoughlin

Even foundation level students gets the hots for science, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth

Exploring a hidden dimension of online quality: Metacognitive skill development, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth


Overcoming process blindness in the design of an online unit, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Peers supporting peers through structured bulletin boards, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Can reflective and executive control skills be fostered online?, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Global perspectives on quality in online higher education, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Anthony Jeen Visser


Quality e-learning: Are there universal indicators?, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Anthony Jeen Visser


Count me in too and the basic skills test in NSW, Michael Mitchelmore and Paul White

Teaching angles by abstraction from physical activities with concrete materials, Michael Mitchelmore and Paul White

Educating nurses to practice complementary therapies in nursing settings: The experience of healing touch in Australia, Monica Lydia Nebauer

Pathways: Incentives and barriers for women applying to principalship in Australian Catholic schools, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

To apply or not to apply: Incentives and disincentives to principal application, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

Year 12 students as leaders: An exclusive approach, Helga Neidhart and Shane Lavery

Validation of an instrument used to determine teacher's views of science in secondary schools in Queensland, Barbara Marguerite Odgers

On The Personhood of the Human Embryo, John Talivaldis Ozolins

Mathematics in Indigenous contexts: A case study, Joseph Robert Perry, Peter Howard, Kevin Lowe, Anthony McKnight, and Suzanne Ziems

Christ's Proxy :A Response to Wendy Mayer, Kim Power

Body image discrepancy: The difference between self-perceived actual size and an ideal standard, Robert Thomas Sands, Christine Armatas, and Wayne Edward Maschette

Gender differences in body image concerns and depression amongst Australian adolescents, Robert Thomas Sands, Christine Armatas, and Louise Moran


Links between beliefs of pre-service teachers about literacy and numeracy learning, Anne Scott


Framing leadership in Queensland Catholic schools, Veronica Gayle Spry and Patrick Augustine Duignan

Corporate Rebranding: Issues and Implications, Helen Joyce Stuart

Cooperative learning and objective-oriented methods, Theda Thomas


Working with diverse students: Can lessons learnt in South Africa be applicable in Pan-Pacific region?, Theda Thomas


Number combinations and arithmetic structure: Implications for early algebra, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Young children's understanding of equals: A longitudinal study, Elizabeth Anne Warren

The relationship between symbolic adoption and practical use of government initiated Accounting :practices, Edmund William Watts and Zoltan Matolcsy

Struggling to be human, Greer White and Veronica Gayle Spry

Investigating the Performance of a Bridge Based Network Intrusion Detection System, Michael David Wilkinson and Jan Seruga

The contribution of attachment style to identity formation in late adolescence, Cecelia Winkelman and Ljubica Bosnjak

Bowen meets Schnarch in the bedroom: Differentiation of self and mature passionate love, Cecelia Winkelman and Margaret Schubert

Resilience: The glue for adolescent mental health, Cecelia Winkelman and Anne Steet

Parent Partnerships in Primary Schools :An Emerging Model, Janelle Patricia You, g, and E. Warren


Predicting patterns of early literacy achievement: A longitudinal study, Janelle Patricia Young

Jean Eveque d'Assiut, de Manfalut et d'Abu Tig et ses activites litteraires, Youhanna Nessim Youssef