Submissions from 2005


Creating situational interest and motivating tasks in an e-learning environment, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Identifying and supporting the caring teacher, Wendy Kay Moran

The patient is dead: Impact on nurses, Karen Perrin and Cecelia Winkelman

Making excuses for God :Theodicy and eschatology in the patristic era, Kim Power

The Notion of Achievement in Sport and some Ethical Issues in Professional Sport, John Gerard Quilter

Linking worlds: A project to research Indigenous educators as leaders in remote community settings, Nick Richardson, John Frawley, and Anthony d'Arbon

Illuminating between the desks work :An exploration of one-to-one teaching for complex written tasks, Josephine Mary Ryan and J. Reidy

Pre-service teachers intend providing children with good examples and helping to replicate them, Anne Scott

The experience of the first cohort of Bachelor of Midwifery students, ACU National, Victoria, Australia, Carmel Annette Seibold and Colleen Edith Rolls

Review and development of a postgraduate program in information systems, Jan Seruga and Pamela Ellen Gibbons


Values led principalship: Myths and realities, Gayle Spry and Christopher Michael Branson

Developing a Fraud Profile Method - A step in Building Institutional Governance, Peter David Steane

The association of the parent-child attachment relationship :self-efficacy; and personality factors to adjustment to university for the first-year students, Gillian Terrett and Jason Thomasse

Calypso's Cauldron :The ritual ingredients of early Byzantine love spells, Silke Trzcionka

Introduction, Silke Trzcionka

'Constructing the World, Constructing Meanings' :A Case Study of Program Coherence in Integrating Three BEd 1st Year Units to Teach for Deep Learning and Critical Thinking, Neill Ustick

Using NSW Quality Pedagogy and a Virtual School to Foster Critical Thinking in Pre-Service Teachers, Neill Ustick


Structure and sustainability :An analysis of the organisation of educational technology leadership and support at Australian universities, Philip Uys and Matthew l Pau Campbell

Reading visual and multimodal texts :how is 'reading' different?, Maureen Patricia Walsh


Patterns supporting the development of early algebraic thinking, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Young children's ability to generalize the pattern rule for growing patterns, Elizabeth Anne Warren

The Development of an industry specific performance measurement model for service organisations within the small business sector, William Watts, Vicki Caron, and Edmund Baard

Rule-setting and rule-breaking: A conceptual model of rules and expectations in romantic relationships, Alexandra Elizabeth West and Barry John Fallon

Quality pedagogy and teaching in K-12 mathematics, Paul White


Teaching Percentage as a Multiplicative Relationship, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore


I am really not alone in this anxiety: Bibliotherapy and pre-service primary teachers' self-image as mathematicians, Sue Wilson and Steve Thornton

The Year in which my Love of Maths Changed: Pre-service primary teachers' self-image as mathematicians, Sue Wilson and Steve Thornton

Public Officials and collaboration :Centrelink and the creation of pathways to employment, Gail Kristine Winkworth

Growing into Literacy :Emergent literacy understandings prior to school, Janelle Patricia Young

Attitudes to Reading :In Investigation across the Primary Years, Janelle Patricia Young and Anne-Marie Black

Submissions from 2004


Visual regulation during competition long jumps and run-throughs, Brad Aisbett and Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw


An Evaluation of Experiential Learning and Outdoor Education school programs on the life effectiveness skills of middle school boys, Sandra Joan Allen-Craig and Beth McCleod


The Keiretsu Fable :where does the truth lie?, Evelyn Leung Anderson


The Keiretsu Fable :Where does the truth lie?, Evelyn Leung Anderson


Mathematics Education for the third Millennium :Visions of a Future for Handheld Classroom Technology, Stephen Mark Arnold

Managing Innovation :It's Role in Pre-service Technology Teacher Education, John Leslie Barlow


Education as Testimony, Peter Bennett

The impact of developing teacher conceptual knowledge of division, George Booker and Janeen Therese Lamb

The effect of communication style and sex on respondent on social phobia in a nonclinical sample, Terence Victor Bowles

Towards a model of social competence: The relationship between communication style, coping behaviour and emotional intelligence, Terence Victor Bowles and Ailsa Brown

The relationship between love styles and relationship dependent and independent outcome variables: A within couple analysis, Terence Victor Bowles and Barry John Fallon


Defining Security Services for Electronic Tendering, Colin Boyd, Rong Du, Brian F. Fitzgerald, and Ernest Foo

Authentic involvement :Preparing preservice teachers for leadership roles in changing times, Carolyn Broadbent


What's Up? :' Building effective learning communities for Indigenous families, Carolyn Broadbent and Maureen Boyle

Online discussion and the development of professional identity :helping preservice teachers to link theory with practice, Carolyn Broadbent, Catherine McLoughlin, and Maureen Boyle

The effect of advocacy and adaptive functioning on student self-esteem: Self-efficacy, school life, academic performance and attendance, Ailsa Brown and Terence Victor Bowles

Effective estimation of banking liquidity risk, Alan Brown and Patrick C. Tobin


Estimation of liquidity risk in banking, Alan Brown and Patrick C. Tobin

Enabling teachers to perceive the affordances of a technologically rich learning environment for linear functions in order to design units of work incorporating best practice, Jill Patricia Brown

Teacher approaches to graphing a difficult cubic function, Jill Patricia Brown

Catholic Leadership in Human Services :Social Work at Australian Catholic University, Peter James Camilleri


Developing Effective Multidisciplinary; Niche-Market Education :A Study of eBusiness Programs in the Asia-Pacific Region, Elsie Siu King Chan and Paula Swatman

Service Distribution of eBusiness Programs in the Asia-Pacific Region, Elsie Siu King Chan and Paula Swatman

Lifelong Professional Learning of School Leaders :A Set of Agenda for Australian Education, Judith Dorothy Chapman

When does the successful comparison of decimals reflect conceptual understanding?, Douglas McLean Clarke and Anne Roche

Implementing Problem based Learning about the Environment in the K-6 Classroom :How much scaffolding is needed?, Julie Margaret Clark and Terry Harrison

Multilingual contexts for teaching mathematics, Philip Clarkson

Teaching mathematics in multilingual classrooms :The global importance of contexts, Philip Clarkson

Old Dogs Learning New Tricks. Understanding the Changing Educational Needs and Wants of Retirees, James Henry Cook

You Can't Stop the Learning. Retirement Village People and their Educational Demands, James Henry Cook

An activity theory investigation of a scientific expert community, Kate Crawford and Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas

Understanding international scientific work, Kate Crawford and Alanah Lynette Kazlauskas

Vatican II and the Churches in the East, Brian J Lawrence Cross

Realising the Vision and Living the Reality in Leadership of a Religious Congregation :A Case Study in responding to Leadership Challenges, Annette Julie Cunliffe

Leadership of the schools of the future :Career aspirations and issues of leadership succession, Anthony d'Arbon


Young white teachers' perceptions of mathematics learning of aboriginal and non-aboriginal students in remote communities, Shani Doig, Annette Baturo, Elizabeth Anne Warren, and Tom Cooper

The forgotten virtues :The intellectual virtues in Aristotle, Peter Francis Drum

The Insight and Foresight of Bill Walker :Motorcycle Maintenance 30 Years on (1974-2004), Patrick Augustine Duignan


Secure communication protocol for preserving E-tendering integrity, Rong Du, Ernest Foo, Colin Boyd, and Brian F. Fitzgerald

Lying in relationships: Protecting ourselves or protecting our partners?, Barry John Fallon and Alexandra Elizabeth West


An immediate and crying need: Adult education and Aboriginal art in a remote Northern Territory community, Jack Frawley


The challenge of meeting the instructional needs of grade 1 and grade 2 children who are at risk in mathematics, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Authentic Participation and Partnership through Catholic School Boards, Beth Gilligan and Deirdre Jean Duncan

Does our attachment style change as a result of relationship experiences and contexts?, Helen Goh and Barry John Fallon

Efficacy of strategies used to implement problem based learning of contemporary and controversial issues in the classroom, Terry Harrison Harrison and Julie Margaret Clark

Excessive internet use as a behavioural addiction, Carina J. Henry and Cecelia Winkelman

Is the extent of my lying and deception with the one I love related to my attachment style?, Christopher Holt and Barry John Fallon


Early Gender Differences, Marjorie Horne

Teaching first year students to communicate their reasoning, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas and Timothy DavisTheda Thomas

Education :Socialization and the New Graduate, Jennifer Margaret Kelly


Engaging Them in the 'Right Things' :Using an Online Virtual School to Teach for Relevance to Foster Deeper Learning and critical Thinking on Preservice Teacher Education Students, James Martin Maguire, Neill Ustick, and Christine Dennis


Changing the perspective of postgraduate learners using e-learning tools, Des Matejka and James Martin Maguire

The Growing Interest in Corporate Social Responsibility :Implications for Employment Relations, Terence Edward McCarthy

Investigating young children's beliefs about mathematics and learning :The use and value of a range of creative interview tasks, Andrea Mary McDonough


Students' perceptions of factors contributing to successful participation in mathematics, Andrea Mary McDonough, Peter Sullivan, and Robyn Turner Harrison

Developing national clinical practice guidelines :the NICE experience, Elizabeth McInnes

The effect of selection: Training and participation on student counsellor self-description and coping, Carly McKinnis and Terence Victor Bowles


Achieving excellence in teaching through scaffolding learner competence, Catherine McLoughlin


An investigation of the motivational aspects of peer and self-assessment enhancing teamwork outcomes, Catherine McLoughlin

Online support for resource sharing in the teaching of generic skills, Catherine McLoughlin

Student perceptions of quality in online pedagogy :implications for design, Catherine McLoughlin

Relearning through e-learning :changing conceptions of teaching through online experience, Catherine McLoughlin and Reem Al-Mahmood

Developing expertise and interpersonal practitioner reflection in a web environment, Catherine McLoughlin, Carolyn Broadbent, and Maureen Boyle

Online discussion :Assisting preservice teachers in the development of a shared knowledge base, Catherine McLoughlin, Carolyn Broadbent, and Maureen Boyle

Scaffolding by peers through reciprocal dialogue on bulletin boards, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Using online forums to support a community of learning, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Sharing pedagogical practice on the teaching of generic skills, Catherine McLoughlin and Will Rifkin


When is three quarters not three quarters? Listening for conceptual understanding in children's explanations in a fraction interview, Annie Mitchell and Doug Clarke


A randomised, controlled trial of pulmonary rehabilitation, weekly exercise and better health self-management in COPD, Maria Murphy, Michelle Campbell, John Saunders, Bruce Jackson, Nadia Rangan, Florian Zimmerman, and David Berlowitz

Melancholic mothers and their mourning infants, Kate Neilson, Jeanette Milgrom, Clare O'Bree, Lisa Eisen, and Zita M. Marks