Submissions from 2006

Corporate Social Responsibility :How to Act and What to Communicate, Helen Joyce Stuart


Supporting learning in early algebra :A model of professional learning, Elizabeth Anne Warren


Teacher actions that assist young students write generalizations in words and in symbols, Elizabeth Anne Warren


Breaking the Paradox of Innovation :lessons from history; the study of a small manufacturing company, Edward Watts and Vicki Caron Baard

Factors Contributing to Success :A Performance Measurement Model Specific to Small Service Sector Firms, Edward Watts and Vicki Caron Baard


Development of a model to advance the uptake of e-portfolios for undergraduates in teacher education and registered nurse preparation :An exemplar of best practice, Paul White, Jennifer Lynette Hardy, and Christine Dennis


The Teaching and Learning consortium :a field based model for preservice teacher education, Paul White, Wendy Kay Moran, and Janette Adele Long


E-Book Technology in Libraries, Linda C. Wilkins and Elsie S. K. Chan

Timing error by children identified with DCD leads to inefficient jump performance, Morgan David Williams, Noel Desmond Lythgo, and Wayne Edward Maschette


To heal and enthuse: Developmental bibliotherapy and pre-service primary teachers' reflections on learning and teaching mathematics, Sue Wilson and Steve Thornton


Risk Analysis and Protection for WBIS, Bingyang Zhou

Submissions from 2005

What outcomes are we trying to achieve in outdoor programs? An examination of outdoor education and experiential education programs effect on life effectiveness skills, Sandra Joan Allen-Craig and Beth Mcleod

Crossing the Divide: A Successful Integration of Information Technology into South African Small Business, Vicki Caron Baard


The Design and Implementation of an Interactive IT Consulting System to improve performance in Small Business, Vicki Caron Baard


Identities of music teachers: Implications for teacher education, Julie Claire Ballantyne

Pictorial spectatorship and textuality: The application of visual technologies in the classroom, Joanna Barbousas


Indigenous and Non Indigenous teaching relationships in the three mathematics classrooms in remote Queensland, Annette Baturo, Tom Cooper, and Elizabeth Anne Warren

Consistently relating to others: A preliminary study of self-reported instrumental and nurturing gender stereotyping in three social settings for males and females, Terence Victor Bowles

The effects of attachment style and emotional intelligence on communication style, Terence Victor Bowles

The who, what, where, and when of intimacy: A study of the experience of intimate communication, Terence Victor Bowles

Connecting generations :Families working at learning together, Maureen Boyle and Carolyn Broadbent

Physical power, technical and aesthetic execution qualities in dressage riding: A preliminary investigation, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, W. Hamerton, A. Raves, and B. Noble

A six week netball jimp shot shooting intervention can improve netball shooting accuracy, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, M. Henderson, and Patricia Hume

Focusing on Literacy :A Whole School Approach Preschool to Year 12, Christopher Michael Branson, Janelle Patricia Young, John Parkinson, and Ruth Johnson

Like ripples in the pond: Building communities of practice for sustainable outcomes, Carolyn Broadbent

Use of digital professional portfolios to enhance pre-service teachers' meta-abilities, Carolyn Broadbent

Utilising digital professional portfolios to create webs of connectedness in teacher education, Carolyn Broadbent


Affordances of a technology-rich teaching and learning environment, Jill Patricia Brown


Identification of affordances of a technology-rich teaching and learning environment (TRTLE), Jill Patricia Brown


Empathy: Central to social, emotional, and academic achievement, Jill Burgess


Teaching effectively = Questioning effectively: Making meaning and creating connections that generate achievement for all, Jill Burgess

Teacher education: Forever at the cross roads, Jude Butcher, Mark McFadden, and Matthew McFadden

Enhancing e-learning communities, Nasir Butrous Associate Professor

Online unit design and student learning, Nasir Butrous

Doona dancing: Does CSR provide the perfect cover?, Nasir Butrous and Ellen Pauline McBarron

How do critical thinking and learning function in the artist to artist/teacher relation?, Judith Stephanie Carroll


The search for balance in the design and delivery of an Australian IT professional masters degree, Anthony Chan and Catherine E. McLoughlin

RFID Technology Enhancing Supply Chain Competence and e-Business :An Opportunity or a Threat?, Elsie Siu King Chan


An evolving model for the offering of ebusiness programs, Elsie Sui King Chan and Paula Swatman


Early numeracy coordinators in Victorian primary schools: Components of the role, highlights and challenges, Jill Cheeseman and Doug McLean Clarke

Analysis of a Method for Improving Video Quality in the Internet with inclusion of Redundant Essential Video Data, Suk Kim Chin


Written algorithms in the primary years: Undoing the good work?, Doug McLean Clarke

Is professed confidence in subject matter a reliable indicator of understanding?, Julie Margaret Clark

Two perspectives of bilingual students learning mathematics in Australia: A discussion, Philip C. Clarkson


Conceptions and tensions in globalisation and their effects on mathematics, Philip C. Clarkson and Bill Atweh

Coming to terms with ageing: What do we say?, James Henry Cook


Queensland Indigenous students in rural and remote classrooms. Pedagogical practices in numeracy learning, Tom Cooper, Annette Baturo, and Elizabeth Anne Warren

The Emerging Practice of Global Scientific Work, Kate Crawford and Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas

Resurgent Immanent Monism and the Challenge Eschatology :Insights from a Neglected Russian Theologian, Brian J Lawrence Cross

The VIT and its discontents, Dianne Margaret Cullen

Certified Email, Brian Curtis and Jan Seruga

Information and communication technologies (ICT) applications for enhancing student participation and interaction through a one year teacher education course, Christine Dennis, James White, and Martin Maguire


The evaluation of the success in numeracy education program, Ann Patricia Downton, Max Stephens, and Doug McLean Clarke


Using e-learning principles in an undergraduate nursing course, Peta Drury, Jennifer Lynette Hardy, and Astrid Jann Frotjold

Roman Primacy in the Correspondence between Innocent I and John Chrysostom, Geoffrey David Dunn


Sustainability: Inspiration for textile innovation, Louise Frances Duvernet and Rose Sinclair

Do opposites attract in the bedroom?, Lisa Eisen

Intimacy or delinquency? How to create the best home environment for adolescents, Lisa Eisen

The effectiveness of mindfulness training in dialectical behaviour therapy for borderline personality disorder, Lisa Eisen

Do women directors have to join the boys club?, Barry John Fallon and Zena Burgess

Is my trust towards the one I love related to my attachment style?, Barry John Fallon and Christopher Holt

Relationship rules: A conceptual model of rule-setting and rule violations in romantic relationships, Barry John Fallon and Alexandra Elizabeth West


Open Content Licencing (OCL) for Open Educational Resources, Brian F. Fitzgerald


Copyright Law and the Creative Industries in China, Brian F. Fitzgerald and Lucy Montgomery


Master, servant, partner and extension of self: A finer grained view of this taxonomy, Vince Geiger


The diverse learning needs of young children who were selected for an intervention program, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Using growth points to describe pathways for young children's number learning, Ann Maree Gervasoni


Organizational contextualisation of an online professional development module in teaching learning, Pamela Ellen Gibbons

Children mentoring teachers in ICT: Does it work?, Donna Therese Gronn


Effective teacher attributes: Perceptions of early-career and pre-service music teachers, Scott Harrison and Julie Claire Ballantyne

Mental Computation :The benefits of informed teacher instruction, Ann Heirdsfield and Janeen Lamb

Helpless and a cripple: The disabled child in children's literature and child rescue discourses, Margot Hillel

Algebra revisited, Marjorie Horne


The effects of number knowledge at school entry on subsequent number development: A five-year longitudinal study, Marjorie Horne

A Response to Francis Schussler Fiorenza, Robyn Horner

A graduate teacher's sense of identity: The place of social justice and community engagement?, Bernadette Iskander, Jude Butcher, and Peter Howard


The consequence of flexibility for structure, Grant Jones

New ways of ""training"" in primary school music education :Results and implications of a longitudinal research study, Janis Pearl Kane

Critical Thinking and Reasoning for Information Systems Students, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas, Therese White, and Timothy Davis

The experience of performance appraisals for host country managers, Robin Jana Kramar and Jane Maley

Integration as a Key Concept in Information Systems Management; :Implications for e-Government, Girija Krishnaswamy

Integration as a key concept in Information Systems Management; :Implications for just in time E-Business, Girija Krishnaswamy

Key turning points in Australian Higher Education: Policy, Madeleine Hazel Laming

Effectiveness of Business-to-Business (B2B), Gregory Lazarus and Jan Seruga

Electronic Business of B2B, Gregory Lazarus and Jan Seruga

Professional development and professional learning: What's the difference?, Janette Adele Long


Can blogs promote fair and equitable teamwork, Joe Luca and Catherine E. McLoughlin


Supporting collaborative learning with blogs, Joe Luca and Catherine E. McLoughlin


In pursuit of best practice: Aiming for high quality ICT-based learning design in an entry level pre-service teacher education course, James Martin Maguire and Christine Dennis


Increasing teacher education students' awareness of effective strategies to reduce and prevent school bullying, Debra Jean Mainwaring-Betts

Mapping the cognitive constraints of children: Classroom talk about pictures in the art classroom, Karen Elizabeth Maras

The Role of Indigenous Management: Practices in Global Companies, Sugumar Mariappanadar

Successful transition programs from prior-to-school to school for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children: Methodological considerations, Terry Mason, Diana Whitton, Linda Skattebol, Peter Howard, Joseph Robert Perry, Sue Dockett, Christine Woodrow, Shirley Gilbert, and Tracey Simpson


The effects of resisted sled loading on sprint start kinematics, Peter Maulder, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, and Justin Keogh

Progress in the Field of Chrysostom Studies (1984-2004), Wendy Elizabeth Mayer

The Changing Nature of Work :Corporate Social Responsibilities and Employment Relations, Terence Edward McCarthy

Blended learning, Lorraine McDonald and Paul White

Professional development as a catalyst for changes in beliefs and practice :perspectives from the Early Numeracy Research Project, Andrea Mary McDonough and Barbara Clarke

The transformative power of reflection on teaching and learning roles in an online environment, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Reem Al-Mahmood


Online professional development for e-learning: A critical overview of models and approaches, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Dorin Maor