Submissions from 2007

Challenges in formulating an extended modelling task at Year 9, Gloria Stillman and Jill Patricia Brown


A framework for success in implementing mathematical modelling in the secondary classroom, Gloria Stillman, Jill Patricia Brown, I. Edwards, and Peter Galbraith


The challenge of attracting and keeping quality teachers in Catholic schools, Anthony Stokes

Are companies that produce socially unacceptable products socially responsible?, Helen Joyce Stuart


Eliciting positive student motivation for learning mathematics, Peter Sullivan and Andrea Mary McDonough


Helping Teachers to assess students' readiness to learn Mathematics, Peter Sullivan and Andrea Mary McDonough

'Nettles and thistles turned into roses for life' :constructions of childhood in the international child rescue literature, Shurlee Lesley Swain


As though his face had been white: Child rescuers, whiteness and the empire, Shurlee Lesley Swain Professor, Margot Hillel, and Belinda Sweeney

Socially responsible diversity management, Jawad Syed and Robin Kramar

Piu parole e meno pezzi di carta. I figuciarai :uno instrumento piu valido dei testamenti bioligici per includere nuove, Bernadette Margaret Tobin

Exploring the number knowledge of children to inform the development of a professional learning plan for teachers in the Ballarat diocese as a means of building community capacity, Kathie Turkenburg, Teresa Hadden, and Ann Maree Gervasoni


Australian Indigenous Students :The role of oral language and representations in the negotiation of mathematical understanding, Eva de Vries, Janelle Patricia Young, and Elizabeth Anne Warren


Literacy and learning with multimodal texts :classroom glimpses, Maureen Patricia Walsh


Exploring an understanding of equals as quantitative sameness with 5 year old students, Elizabeth Anne Warren


Percentages as Part Whole Relationships, Paul White, Sue Wilson, Rhonda Faragher, and M. Mitchelmore


Laterality and its effect on lower extremity musculoskeletal stiffness in male soccer players and track runners, Morgan David Williams, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, and Corey W. Joseph


Evaluating strength qualities of athletes using relationships between jump protocols, Morgan David Williams, Corey W. Joseph, and Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw


My struggle with maths may not have been a lonely one: Bibliotherapy in a teacher education number theory unit, Sue Wilson

The context rich integrated maths and science (CRIMS) projects, Sue Wilson


Design-based research of Emergent Literacy :Enhancing potential for young children, Janelle Patricia Young

Risk Assessment for Web-Base Information Systems, Bingyang Zhou

Submissions from 2006

The Outdoor Educators Effect on Achieving Program Outcomes :A cross-section of Australian Schools, Sandra Joan Allen-Craig and Jacqueline Miller

The Syrian church through bishops' eyes :the letters of Theodoret of Cyrrhus and Severus of Antioch, Pauline Allen

Improve your Small Firm Performance :The Benefits of an Interactive IT Consulting System, Vicki Caron Baard

Are we really attracting the 'right' student into Technology Teacher Education programs?, John Leslie Barlow

Communication style and therapy: A preliminary investigation of clinical status and occupation, Terence Victor Bowles

Are conflict resolution styles related to conflict dimensions and conflict outcome satisfaction, Terence Victor Bowles and Barry John Fallon

The relationship between personality: Anger and communication style, Terence Victor Bowles and Danielle Newton

Innovative analyses of artistic gymnastics: Past, present, and future, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw


Novel insights on lower limb musculoskeletal health and performance in pre-adolescent and adolescent gymnasts, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, Hans Christian Lorenzen, Morgan David Williams, and Peter Freeman Le Rossignol


Physical self-concepts and gender differences in children, adolescents and young adults, Nicola Allison Brake

Thinking, feeling and knowing the body: The role of experience in adolescent physical self-concepts, Nicola Allison Brake

Enhancing the quality of pre-service teachers' professional learning experiences within a national framework, Carolyn Broadbent

Looking through zones at the teacher's role in technology-rich teaching and learning environments (TRTLE's), Jill Patricia Brown

Manifestations of affordances of a technology-rich teaching and learning environment (TRTLE), Jill Patricia Brown


Shared Ownership and Community Capacity Building, Jude Butcher, Peter Howard, and Joseph Robert Perry


Fostering Reflection and Metacogniton through Student Generated Podcasts, Anthony Chan, Mark J.W. Lee, and Catherine McLoughlin

A survey study in Hong Kong nursing students' perception of the clinical learning environment, Dominic Shung Kit Chan

E-Book Technology and Its Impact on Libraries, Elsie Siu King Chan, Wilkins, and Paula Swatman


Educational Podcasting Using the Charles Sturt University Flexible Publishing Platform, M. Chan, Mark J.W. Lee, and Catherine McLoughlin


Students as Producers :Second Year Students' experiences as Podcasters of content for First year Undergraduates, M. Chan, Mark J.W. Lee, and Catherine McLoughlin


Combining academic and Workplace Learning Experiences into the Design of a Professional Masters Degree, M. Chan and Catherine McLoughlin


A Practical Model for Improving Student Learning of a Programming Language, Suk Kim Chin


Examining the changed role of numeracy coordinators, Douglas McLean Clarke and Jill Cheeseman

A longitudinal study of children's mental computation skills, Douglas McLean Clarke, Barbara Clarke, and Marjorie Horne

Assessing student understanding of fractions using task-based interviews, Douglas McLean Clarke, Anne Roche, Annie Mitchell, and Michal Sukenik

Senior Australians at university :voices in the wilderness?, James Henry Cook


Aim high - Beat Yourself :Effective mathematics teaching in a remote indigenous community, Tom Cooper, Annette Baturo, Elizabeth Anne Warren, and Edlyn Grant

The Protevangelium of James in the Formulation of Eastern Christian Marian Theology, Brian J Lawrence Cross

Perceived organisational support as a moderator of the effects of workplace bullying on intention to leave, Nikola Djurkovic, Darcy McCormack, and Gian Casimir


Engaging young children in shared conversations during the story book reading activity, Anne Olivia Drabble

Cyprian's Care for the Poor :The Evidence of De opera et eleemosynis, Geoffrey David Dunn

Nam quam foris exercentur nullum habent salutis effectum :Cyprian and the Synod of 256, Geoffrey David Dunn

References to Mary in the Writings of Cyprian of Carthage, Geoffrey David Dunn

Textiles :Much more than a girl's past-time, Louise Frances Duvernet


The Australian Sony PlayStation Case: How Far Will Anti-circumvention Law Reach in the Name of DRM?, Brian F. Fitzgerald

Identifying key transition activities for enhanced engagement in mathematical modelling, Peter Galbraith, Gloria Ann Stillman, and Jill Patricia Brown

More Than Tools: Mathematically Enabled Technologies As Partner and Collaborator, Vince Geiger


Standing on the Outside: A Tale of How Technology Can Engage Those Working on the Margins of a Community of Inquiry, Vince Geiger


Living in the Gap: A Tale of Two Different Types of Researchers, Vince Geiger and Merrilyn Goos

Insights about the addition strategies used by grade 1 and grade 2 children who are vulnerable in number learning, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Predictors of career decidedness: A preliminary test of a model, Tarryn Godfrey


Teacher actions :Enhancing the learning of mental computation in Year 2, Anne Heirdsfield and Janeen Therese Lamb


Year 2 inaccurate but flexible mental computers: Teacher actions supporting growth, Ann Heirdsfield and Janeen Lamb

Young children developing place value understandings, Marjorie Horne and Sharyn Livy


The impact of tertiary-level humanities education for homeless and marginalised people, Peter Howard, Ross Homel, Jude Butcher, Connie Henson, Luke Anthony Egan, and Anne Hampshire


Issues in Teaching Mathematics to Aboriginal Students, Peter Howard and Joseph Robert Perry

Towards a Model for Goal Setting and Negotiation in Public Private Partnerships, Thia Hui and Donald Gordon Ross


The effectiveness of a six-week jump shot intervention on the kinematics of netball shooting performance, Patricia Hume, M. Henderson, and Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw

A Side by Side Comparison of the Two Organisational Citizenship Behaviouur Models and Their Measures :Expanding the Construct Domain's Scope, Denise M. Jepsen and John James Rodwell

Perceptions of anti-doping scientific work, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas and Kathryn Crawford


A Lake Without Water, Alex Kershaw

Integration as a key concept in knowledge Management :- implications for e-government, Girija Krishnaswamy


Fostering Student Motivation and Self Regulatory Skills in Online Learning Environments, Elizabeth Mary Labone and Christine Dennis


Teacher Professional Development in Patterns and Algebra :Being Sensitive to a Teacher's Zone of Proximal Development, Janeen Therese Lamb, Elizabeth Anne Warren, and Tom Cooper


Everyone's learning with Podcasting, Mark J.W. Lee, M. Chan, and Catherine McLoughlin

Where have all the religious educators gone?, Janette Adele Long and Margaret Hemmings

Best practice in online Assessment :Principles; Processes and Outcomes, Joe Luca and Catherine McLoughlin

Dance Party Consumer Motivations & Meaning, Alistair Kenneth W. Marshall

Developing higher-order thinking through explicit teaching :Guiding students through a personal and critical reading of texts, Lorraine McDonald

Making magic in the Year 8 classroom :An exploration of the relationship between teacher leadership & boys' intrinsic motivation, Neil McGoran and Helga Neidhart


Strategic Partnerships in ICT :a model of Professional Development shifting the focus of ICT as a vehicle for learning, Karen McLean, Sue McNamara, and Mellita Jones


Beyond marks and measurement :Developing dynamic and authentic forms of e-assessment, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Pilot Study of Nursing Student Transition To University, Hemant Mehta, Sharon Patricia Hillege, and Kathleen Mary Robinson

Commemorating Pope Martin 1 :his trial in Constantinople, Bronwen Jennifer Neil

Narrating the Trials and Deaths of Martin I and Maximus the Confessor, Bronwen Jennifer Neil


Developing Interoperable Software for Differing XML Schemata, Linh Thuy Nguyen


Australia has many MANagers but where are the FEMagers?, Elizabeth Margaret O'Brien

Solution Focused Management :and Restoring Unplanned IT Outages, Katherine O'Callaghan and Sugumar Mariappanadar

Solution Focused Management :of Planned IT Outages, Katherine O'Callaghan and Sugumar Mariappanadar

Brothers and sisters together :On the idea of a common human nature, John Talivaldis Ozolins

The Internationalization of Chinese Brands, Andrew Christie Papadimos

Student Engagement in the Middle Years :Describing Influences and Possible Teacher Actions, Vaughan Prain, Peter Sullivan, and Andrea Mary McDonough

Spaced retrieval technique improves prospective memory among healthy adults and adults with possible early dementia, Peter Gregory Rendell and Sesil Ozgis

When successful comparison of decimals doesn't tell the story, Anne Roche and Douglas McLean Clarke

Bringing literacy education into the age of multiliteracies :Using online discussion to develop informed and critical literacy teachers, Josephine Mary Ryan


Implications of preservice teachers intentions to use particular learning tasks, Anne Lia Scott


Multiliteracies pedagogy in Action :A case study, Anne Lia Scott

Students' Evaluation of an Information Systems Program, Jan Seruga

The association between parenting characteristics and adolescent identity development and moral development, Veronika Shlimkevych and Gillian Terrett