Submissions from 2008

Young Indigenous Students' Numeracy learning :The Role of Oral Language, Janelle Patricia Young, Eva DeVries, and E. Warren

Current problems and challenges concerning students with special needs, Elena Yurhenko, George Malaty, Ann Ahlberg, Jens Holger Lorenz, and Ann Maree Gervasoni

Submissions from 2007


Nissan's Keiretsu 1956-1970, Evelyn Leung Anderson

Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners :Messages for Catholic Leaders, Michael Bezzina, Patrick Augustine Duignan, and Charles Burford

How to videotape and analyse sport performance, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw and Wayne Edward Maschette

Using ICT to connect rural and regional communities in Australia, Josephine Brady, Maureen Boyle, and Carolyn Broadbent

The academic mentor :A new vision of secondary pre-service teacher education in Canberra, Josephine Brady and Carolyn Broadbent

Building social capital within the Indigenous community, Carolyn Broadbent, Maureen Boyle, and Josephine Brady

An engaged university :Unlocking leadership potential in schools to support children with special needs, Carolyn Broadbent and Jillian Elizabeth Burgess

Consideration of the Utility of Organisational Commitment Measures Using a Two Multi-Dimensional Conception, Gordon Raymond Brooks and Elizabeth Agnes More


Early notions of functions in a technology-rich teaching and learning environment (TRTLE), Jill Patricia Brown

Quantifying impacts during beam and floor training in pre-adolescent girls from two different streams of artistic gymnastics, Lauren Burt, Geraldine Ann Naughton, and Raul Landeo

Integrating Teaching, Learning, Research and Community Engagement, Nasir Butrous


Applying Communities of Practice to the Learning of Police, Matthew Paul Campbell

Turning mirrors into windows :Developing ethics subjects to foster responsible and professional police, Matthew Paul Campbell and Anna Corbo Crehan

Resistance, Reinvention and Reform :Lessons about curriculum change and teachers' work, Kay Carroll

Great expectations unfulfilled. What's wrong in Aboriginal studies?, Patrick Cavanagh

Crying out for Leadership :the role of the Catholic System in Aboriginal Education, Patrick Cavanagh and Sharon Cooke

Crying out for leadership: The role of the Catholic system in Aboriginal education, Patrick Cavanagh and Sharon Cooke


Knowledge creation processes of students as producers of audio learning objects, Anthony Chan, Mark Lee, and Catherine McLoughlin

Implementing Information Management; Strategically :an Australian EDRMS Case Study, Elsie Siu King Chan, Linda Wilkin, Duncan Holt, and Paula Swatman

Characterizing UDP Consecutive Packet Losses in Multicast Networks, Suk Kim Chin

Making Connections Science and Mathematics :The MC SAM Project, Douglas McLean Clarke, Geoff Hilton, Tony Wright, and Shelley Dole


Year Six Fraction Understanding :A Part of the Whole Story, Douglas McLean Clarke, Annie Mitchell, and Anne Roche

Lessons in Languages from Mathematics classrooms in Australia, Philip Clarkson

The heart of the matter: The effects of a 40 week exercise intervention on psychometric parameters of Vietnam, Michael Climstein, Brianna Harvey, Geraldine Ann Naughton, and Nathan Buhagiar

Virtual Teaching :A Case Study, Teresa Ita Clinton


Learning what is not yet there :Knowledge Mobilization I a Communal Activity, Kathryn Crawford and Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas


An Efficient eAuction Protocol, Brian Curtis, Josef Pieprzyk, and Jan Seruga

Exercise interventions to improve cardiovascular risk factors and fitness in Australian Vietnam Veterans: HeardMoves versus HeartHealth, M. De Beliso, Kent Adams, Brianna Harvey, Nathan Buhagiar, Michael Climstein, and Geraldine Ann Naughton


Modelling the use of a collaborative authoring system as a cognitive tool for students' reflective thinking, Christine Dennis


A Blackboard Infusion :Strengthening the teaching experience for pre service teachers in the field, Anne Olivia Drabble

Quest for a dialogue: HR's imminent role in improving communication between boards and investors, Maria Fe Caridad Dyball, Robin Jana Kramar Professor, and Loretta O'Donnell

The researching of art in hospitals: Social science, aesthetic theory in Australian medical contexts, Lindsay Thomas Farrell


Games and law: History, content, practice and law, Brian Fitzgerald, Sal Humphrey, John A. Banks, Keith Done, and Nic P. Suzor


Journeys through a research landscape :Lessons in multi-partner research, John Frawley, Anthony d'Arbon, and Lyn Fasoli

The implications of Web 2 for creating engaging e-assessment tasks, Ruth Geer and Catherine McLoughlin


Children's number knowledge in the early years of schooling, Ann Maree Gervasoni


School community leadership: The perspective of primary school principal, John Graham and Gayle Spry

Leading the catholic school as community :the voice of the principal, John Graham and Veronica Gayle Spry

Early childhood religious education :Realities and challenges for Catholic school leaders, Janice Pauline Grajczonek


Inclusion of students who are not Catholics in Catholic schools: Policy, practices and problems, Janice Pauline Grajczonek, Maurice James Ryan, and Michael Chambers

The Australian labour movement and working mothers in the United Nation's Decade for Women, 1975-1985, Patricia Grimshaw, Nell Musgrove, and Shurlee Lesley Swain

Benefits of children as mentors to teachers in Australia :ICT, teachers & children, Donna Therese Gronn

Concerns for Information Privacy, Matthew Hale and Elsie Siu King Chan


Shared communication during the professional experience program :A distributed leadership perspective, David Evan Harris, Anne Olivia Drabble, and Pamela Anne Hanifin

Motion analyses of adolescent rugby union players: Linking training and game demands among under 16 players, Timothy Brian Hartwig and Geraldine Ann Naughton

The use of a new mathematics text book scheme :support or impediment, Ann Heirdsfield, Shelley Dole, and Elizabeth Anne Warren

Community engagement and student learning :Making community a core element of teacher education, Peter Howard and Jude Butcher


Implementing a University Paradigm for Effective Community Engagement, Peter Howard, Ann Maree Gervasoni, and Jude Butcher

Powerful Mathematical Ideas, Numeracy Matrix and Learning Stories :Assessing and Celebrating the Mathematical Capabilities of Preschool Children and their Teachers, Peter Howard, Elspeth Harley, Sue Dockett, and Joseph Robert Perry

Enhancing Mathematics Learning Through Effective Community Capacity Building, Peter Howard and Joseph Robert Perry

Parliamentary Financial Oversight and Accountability in the Antipodes, Kerry Jacobs, Catherine Anne Jones, and Sven Modell

Being Expert in the 21st Century, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas

ICT Supported scaffolding of generic skills acquisition by first year students :A collaborative approach, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas and Andrelyn Cheryl Applebee


Embedding Group Work in the First Year Experience, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas, Timothy Davis, Theda Thomas, Leighana Thornton, and Sophie Gimel

Professional Partnerships in Teacher Education :Implications for practice from an Australian learning environment study, Joy Kennedy

Practicum in Teacher Education :Implications for School Leaders, Joy Kennedy and Jeffrey Paul Dorman

Kinanthropometric variables can distinguish skilled from unskilled golfers, Justin Keogh, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, Michel Marnewick, Jacques Nortje, Peter Maulder, and Patricia Hume


Moderation as judgement practice: Reconciling system level accountability and local level practice, Valentina Klenowski, Lenore Adie, Stephanie Gunn, Anne Looney, Jannette Elwood, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith, and Peta Jane Colbert

HR now and in 2011: The implications for HR professionals and line managers, Robin Jana Kramar


Fast front kick: Gaining insights beyond the data, Raul Landeo

A Market Model for the Didactic Industrial Management :Simulation, Peter James Lawrence

A Simulation for Experiential Learning in Supply Chain Management :, Peter James Lawrence and Ann Lawrence


Promoting engagement and motivation for distance learners through podcasting, Mark Lee, Anthony Chan, and Catherine McLoughlin

Teach our Mob :Meeting the challenge to making a difference, Janette Adele Long, Patrick Cavanagh, and Marea Anne Nicholson


A critical overview of the instruments and approaches for assessing the effectiveness of online teaching, Dorin Maor and Catherine McLoughlin

Dance Party Consumer Motivations, Alistair Kenneth W Marshall

Good vibrations, bad vibrations: The facts and myths uncovered, Wayne Edward Maschette and Hans Christian Lorenzen

Differences in vertical jump performance for typically developing compared to those identified with DC, Wayne Maschette and Morgan David Williams

Kinematic predictors of 10m spring performance, Peter Maulder, Justin Keogh, and Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw


Biological movement variability during the golf swing, Peter Maulder, Michel Marnewick, Jacques Nortje, Patricia Hume, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, and Justin Keogh


Theology, Relationship and Leadership in Catholic Education, Patrick Thomas McArdle

Choice, communication and learner autonomy :The development of social competence skills using podcasting technologies, Catherine McLoughlin and Anthony Chan

Listen and learn :A brief review of the evidence that podcasting supports learning in Higher Education, Catherine McLoughlin and Mark Lee


Social software and participatory learning: Pedagogical choices with technology affordances in the Web 2.0 era, Catherine McLoughlin and Mark Lee

Adding Value to E-Business Research Projects :Some Focus Group Applications, Paul Mercieda, Linda Wilkins, and Elsie Siu King Chan


Teaching Ratio and Rates for Abstraction, Mike Mitchelmore, Paul White, and Heather McMaster

Effectiveness of a prescribed, un-supervised Community Diabetes Rehabilitation Program on Glycaemic control in Mature Age Type 2 Diabetics Climstein, M. De Beliso, Kent Adams, Geraldine Ann Naughton, Michael Climstein, M. de Beliso, and Kent Adams

Childhood overweight and obesity is a key issue in community sport, Geraldine Ann Naughton, John Searl, and Kay Gibbons

Hydration knowledge and practices in elite female cricket players, Geraldine Ann Naughton and Karen Soo

Older Academics :Challenges for Universities, Ruth Neumann and Jacqueline Larkin

Integrating ICT into pre-service teacher education programs :Challenge and response, Marea Anne Nicholson and Shukri Raja Sanber

Teacher Educators and the Integration of ICT into Education Studies Sequence :Threats and Opportunities, Marea Anne Nicholson and Shukri Raja Sanber

Integrating job strain and psychological contract theories to predict employee wellbeing, Andrew J. Noblet and John James Rodwell


Leading Schoolwide Wellbeing and Resilience for student and Staff Success, Toni Noble

Rethinking Management :Thought to Better Understand Critical Management; Issues, Elizabeth Margaret O'Brien

Creativity, education and subversion of the state, John Talivaldis Ozolins


A School-Community Model for Enhancing Aboriginal Students' Mathematical Learning, Joseph Robert Perry and Peter Howard


Is jumping and landing technique symmetrical in female gymnasts?, Vanessa Jean Rice, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, and Elisha Lilley

Collaboration for Success :Queensland Style, Cathy Rodier, Roslyn Franklin, Sheila King, Alison Mander, and Anne Olivia Drabble

The spiritual and moral dimension to the school curriculum :the role of school leadership in addressing the gap between rhetoric and reality, Graham Rossiter

Peer-to-peer :An e-mentoring approach to developing community, mutual engagement and professional identity for pre-service teachers, Rupert Russell, Mark Lee, Josephine Brady, and Catherine McLoughlin

Balancing ideals with reality :universities and schools working together to bridge the gap, Sophie Ryan, Janette Adele Long, Jo-Anne Margaret Harris, and Wendy Kay Moran

Developing the leadership capabilities of middles-level curriculum leaders, Annette Schneider


Seeking Evidence of Thinking and Mathematical Understandings in students' writing, Anne Lia Scott

Expressions, experiences and understanding of Tolerance :Implications for learning and teaching in schools and teacher education programs, Marian de Souza and Patricia Anne Cartwright

'Voices for change': Participatory action research in partnership with young adults with Down syndrome in New South Wales, Miriam Stevenson, J Vantol, and D Pham


Design features of an e-mentoring system for the health professions :Choosing to learn in partnership, Sarah Stewart and Catherine McLoughlin


Identifying challenges within transition phases of mathematical modelling activity at Year 9, Gloria Stillman, Jill Brown, and Peter Galbraith