Submissions from 2009

Leadership for an age of wisdom, Christopher Branson

Survival for the active family, Louise Mary Burke, Liz Broad, Gregory R. Cox, Christine E. Dziedzic, Stephen Gurr, Nikki A. Jeacocke, Michelle Minehan, Jo Mirtschin, and Greg Shaw

Social justice and the Australian Catholic bishops, Michael Costigan

Image, symbol and mystery: An Eastern Christian view of the sacraments, Brian J. Lawrence Cross and Joseph Leach

An overview and summary of the National Evaluation of the Dementia Initiative - Main findings - Final report, Colleen Joy Doyle, Susan Day, David Dunt, Rosemary McKenzie, Pauline van Dort, Katie Yates, Lynne Pezzullo, Janet Opie, Richard Rosewarne, Cecily Hunter, and Vanessa White

It's all about connections: Online communities and their role in the professional development of teachers, Jennifer Duncan-Howell

Vers un tantra chrétien : la recontre du Christianisme et du Shivaïsme du Cachemire, John Dupuche

Strategic leadership and public school principals, Scott Eacott

Early childhood education and care: A sociocultural approach, Susan Edwards

The practicum: Developing better practice for beginning teachers; the significance of the practicum, John Elligate


Paul, Jerusalem and the Judaisers: The Galatian crisis in its broader historical context, Ian Elmer

In your Shoes: Inter-faith education for Australian Schools and Universities, Kath Engebretson

Kierkegaard: An introduction, Charles Stephen Evans

Italy's divided memory, John Foot

The church and secularity: Two stories of liberal society, Robert Gascoigne

Extending mathematical understanding: Middle years specialist teacher manual, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Intellectual appetite: A theological grammar, Paul Griffiths

Developmental disorders of language learning and cognition, Charles Hulme and Margaret J. Snowling

Provision of child health services 2005-2009: Evaluation of an open access clinic, Lauren Kearney, Paul Richard Fulbrook, and Lorrie Howlett

Theologische Venandtschaft (Theological Relationship): Augustinus volume Hippo und Joseph Ratzinger / Papst Benedikt XVI, Joseph C. Quy Lam

The paradigm shift in health: towards a quantum understanding of the role of consciousness in health promotion and education, Ronald Laura, Amy Kathleen Chapman, and Mark Hinchley

Ancient tradition - new world: Dominican Sisters in eastern Australia 1867-1958, Rosa MacGinley

Administering health care services, Helen Mary McCabe

Leo the Great, Bronwen Neil

Globalization and the mission of the Church, Neil J. Ormerod and Shane Clifton

A study in black and white: The Aborigines in Australian history, Malcolm David MacKenzie Prentis

Jake just does scribbles but I do pictures: Drawing self-efficacy and the messages four-to nine-year-old children give and receive about their drawing, Rosemary Doris Richards

Event and world, Claude Romano


The eyes of faith: The sense of the faithful and the Church's reception of revelation, Ormond Rush

Uncovering theology: The depth, reach and utility of Australian theological education, Charles Henry Sherlock

The family meeting in palliative care: An instrument for spiritual care, Heather Margaret Tan

Can we live forever? A sociological and moral inquiry, Bryan Turner


United Nations reform: Heading north or south?, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Personal and professional boundaries in Australian social work: A study of the self in practice, Joanna Zubrzycki

Submissions from 2008

The spiritual dimension of childhood, Kate Adams, Brendan Maxwell Hyde, and Richard Woolley

An introduction to Catholic education: Current perspectives, Michael Thomas Buchanan and Richard Michael Rymarz

A CBT Practitioners Guide to ACT - How to bridge the gap between cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, Joseph Ciarrochi and Anne Bailey

The truth, the way, the life: Christian commentary on the three holy mantras of the Srivaisnava Hindus, Francis Clooney

Beyond compare: St. Francis de Sales and Sri Vedanta Desika on loving surrender to God, Francis Xavier Clooney


A review of science outreach strategies north and south: with some recommendations for improvement, Kevin Davison, Veronica McCauley, Christine Domegan, and William McClune

Excellence in dementia care: Research into practice, Murna Downs and Barbara Joanne Bowers

Tertullian's Aduersus Iudaeos: A rhetorical analysis, Geoffrey David Dunn

Cornerstones of Catholic secondary religious education: Principles and practice of the new evangelization, Kathleen Veronica Engebretson, Marian de Souza, Richard Michael Rymarz, and Michael Thomas Buchanan


Copyright law, digital content and the internet in the Asia-Pacific, Brian F. Fitzgerald, Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi, Damien S. O'Brien, and Fuping Gao


Spanning the centuries: A history of AE Smith and Son Pty Ltd, Rosemary Francis and Juliet Flesch

Globalisation and the middle classes in India: The social and cultural impact of neoliberal reforms, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Timothy J. Scrase

Stop talking and do something! The young social innovators programme: An independent evaluation, Jim Gleeson, Diarmaid O'Donnabhain, Orla McCormack, and Joanne O'Flaherty

Introducing mental health nursing: A consumer-orientated approach, Brenda Happell, Leanne Cowin, Cath Roper, Kim Foster, and Rosanna McMaster

Children and spirituality: Searching for meaning and connectedness, Brendan Maxwell Hyde

No ordinary lives: Pioneering women in Australian politics, Catherine Jenkins

Extending the European security community: Constructing peace in the Balkans, Emilian Kavalski

The resurrection effect: Transforming Christian life and thought, Anthony Kelly


Matthew Beovich: A biography, Josephine Laffin

Spirit and fire: An introduction to the holy mysteries, Joseph Leach and Brian J. Cross

Presentation Sisters in Papua New Guinea 1966-2006, Rosa MacGinley

Relational health care: A practical theology of personhood, Patrick Thomas McArdle

The spirit within: The liminal experiences of some senior high school students, Paul McQuillan

Life of Jesus in icons from the "Bible of Tbilisi", Francis Moloney

A handbook to flourish: A recovery-based self development program, Lindsay Gregory Oades


Understanding open access in the academic environment: A guide for authors, Kylie Pappalardo, Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Scott Kiel-Chisholm, Jenny Georgiades, and Anthony Austin

Evaluating action research, Eileen Piggot-Irvine and Brendan John Bartlett

The Scots in Australia, Malcolm Prentis

A concise companion to Aboriginal history, Malcolm David MacKenzie Prentis

Something like slavery? Queensland's Aboriginal child workers, 1842-1945, Shirleene Robinson

Introducing Asian American theologies, Jonathan Tan

Legislating against tax avoidance, Rachel Anne Tooma

The end of philosophy of religion, Nick Trakakis

Rights and virtues: Political essays on citizenship and social justice, Bryan Turner


The body & society: Explorations in social theory, Bryan Stanley Turner

An investigation into the equity and efficiency of Australia's higher education system, Sarah Jean Wright

Rethinking learning in early childhood education, Nicola Yelland, Libby Lee, Maureen O'Rourke, and Cathie Harrison

Best books for boys: A resource for educators, Matthew Zbaracki

Submissions from 2007

Acting on conscience: How can we responsibly mix law, religion and politics?, Frank Tenison Brennan


Civil remedies in Malaysia, May Fong Cheong

Dwelling in the household of God: Johannine ecclesiology and spirituality, Mary L. Coloe

Taking away the pound: women, theology and the parable of the pounds in the Gospel of Luke, Elizabeth Dowling

Cyprian and the Bishops of Rome: Questions of Papal Primacy in the early church, Geoffrey David Dunn

Connecting: Teenage boys, spirituality and religious education, Kath Engebretson


Open content licensing: Cultivating the creative commons, Brian F. Fitzgerald, Jessica M. Coates, and Suzanne M. Lewis

Internet and e-commerce law: Technology, law and policy, Brian F. Fitzgerald, Anne M. Fitzgerald, Timothy Beale, Yee Fen Lim, and Gaye Middleton

Masculinities and schooling: International practices and perspectives, Blye W. Frank and Kevin Davison

Secrets of scholarly publishing in international journals, David Gamage and Joseph Zajda

Techniques for Monitoring the Comparability of Examination Standards, Harvey Goldstein

An inspired tradition: Religious education in Catholic primary schools today, Janice Pauline Grajczonek and Maurice James Ryan

Die Menschheit Jesu Christi in den Werken des Augustinus, Bishop von Hippo, Joseph Lam

Sogni e Poesia: Dreams and poetry, John Lando

The spirit of generation Y: Young people's spirituality in a changing Australia, Michael Mason, Andrew Singleton, and Ruth Webber

The price of freedom: Edmund Rice educational leader, Denis McLaughlin

Creation, grace, and redemption, Neil James Ormerod


The God beyond belief: In defence of William Rowe's evidential argument from evil, Nick Trakakis

On being pastoral, Anne Patricia Tuohy and Patrick Thomas McArdle


Quality assurance for long-term care: The experiences of England, Australia, Germany and Japan, Joshua M. Wiener, Jane Tilly, Anne Howe, Colleen Joy Doyle, Alison Evans Cuellar, John Campbell, and Naoki Ikegami

Schooling the new Russians: Transforming Soviet students to capitalist entrepreneurs, Joseph Zajda

Submissions from 2006

Instructing beginners in faith: Augustine of Hippo, Raymond Canning and Boniface Ramsey

Effective recruitment and selection practices, Robert Leigh Compton, Alan Nankervis, and William Morrissey

Reasons for living: Education and young people's search for meaning, identity and spirituality. A handbook, Marisa Crawford and Graham Rossiter

Why Dick Fosbury flopped and answers to other big sporting questions, Damian Farrow and Justin Guy Kemp

Early childhood learning communities: Sociocultural research in practice, Marilyn Fleer, Suzy Edwards, Anne Kennedy, Avis Ridgway, Jill Robbins, and Lynne Surman

Community care: National comprehensive assessment approach - Options paper (revised), Peter Foreman, Colleen Joy Doyle, and Ian Gardner

The nature and demands of the sovereign rule of God in the Gospel of Matthew, Margaret Ann Hannan