Submissions from 2003

Irenaeus: Touchstone of catholicity, Damien Francis Casey

Schooling for tomorrow: Networks of learning, Judith Dorothy Chapman

Networks of learning: A new construct for educational provision and a new strategy for reform, Judith Dorothy Chapman and David Aspin

Assessing and developing measurement with young children, Douglas McLean Clarke, Jill Cheeseman, and Andrea Mary McDonough

Language; logical thinking and communication in school mathematics: Whose responsibility?, Philip Clarkson

Mathematics education in international and global contexts, Philip Clarkson, Bill Atweh, and Bienvenido Nebres

War and liberation, Peter Edward Coghlan

Genesis: Chapters 1-11, Antoinette Bernadett Collins

Before Abraham was: I am, Mary Coloe

The place of true worship, John chapter 4, Mary Coloe

Leadership challenges and ethical dilemmas in front-line organisations, Patrick Augustine Duignan and Victoria Collins

Mary in the presbyteral homilies of Augustine of Hippo, Geoffrey David Dunn

A last resort, Raimond Gaita


Technology-enriched classrooms: Some implications for teaching applications and modelling, Peter Galbraith, Peter Renshaw, Merrilyn Goos, and Vince Geiger


Choosing and using technology for secondary mathematical modelling tasks: Choosing the right peg for the right hole, Vince Geiger, Peter Galbraith, Peter Renshaw, and Merrilyn Goos

Cooperative development of innovative systems of activity and integrated technical applications, Pamela Ellen Gibbons and Kathryn Crawford

Oneing in the trinity: An antipodean reflection on the trinitarian theology of Julian of Norwich, Kerrie Hide

A little child shall lead them: The child as redeemer, Margot Lesley Hillel

Trinity and paschal mystery: Divine communion and human conversation, Annemarie Jean Hunt

Augustine's trinitarian interiority: The truth in the heart, Anthony Kelly

User-friendliness of e-government portals: A study of Australian state governments online, Girija Krishnaswamy

The impact of teachers' understanding of division on their students' knowledge of division, Janeen Therese Lamb

John Chrysostom, Wendy Elizabeth Mayer

Companies' social responsibility to their workforces: Corporate social responsibility begins at home, Terence Edward McCarthy

The Jerusalem temple in the life of the early Christian community, James Stuart McLaren

Broadening assessment strategies with information technology, Catherine McLoughlin

Pedagogical designs for scalable and sustainable online learning, Catherine McLoughlin and Ron Oliver

Educating for professional it practice, Gabrielle Lucy McMullen and Peter Gregory Carpenter

Two views of vice and virtue: Augustine of Hippo and Maximus the Confessor, Bronwen Jennifer Neil

Displacing indigenous Australians: Freud’s totem and taboo, Marguerite Rose Nolan

Identity crises and orphaned rewritings, Marguerite Rose Nolan

Economics and religion: Introduction, Paul Oslington

Shaping & mirroring the field: The encyclopaedia of bioethics, Warren Reich

Evidence-based practice, Yana Richens, Alison Loftus-Hills, and Elizabeth Catherine McInnes

Coastal habitat mapping using geographic information systems, Neil Saintilan, Kylee WiltonKerry, and Lee Rogers

The defensibility of Christian Judaism, David Campbell Sim

The effect of organisational structure on corporate identity management, Helen Joyce Stuart

Numerous enough to swamp the votes of honest white': The indigenous franchise in Canada, Shurlee Lesley Swain

Is there a distinctly surgical ethic?, Bernadette Margaret Tobin

Why we should have maintained a prohibition on destructive research on human embryos, Bernadette Margaret Tobin

Learning for life, Maureen Patricia Walsh, Judith Dorothy Chapman, Jacqueline McGilp, Ron Toomey, and Elizabeth Anne Warren

Collaboration and sharing as crucial elements of professional development, Elizabeth Anne Warren, Stephen Nisbet, and Tom Cooper

Pilgrimage sites and patronal cults in Coptic Egypt, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Severus of Antioch in the Coptic Theotokia, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Lifelong learning and adult education: Russia meets the west, Joseph Zajda

Ethnicities, minorities and indigenous groups in central Asia, Joseph Zajda and Rea Zajda

Complaint resolution in government owned corporations and privatized utilities: Some constitutional and legal conundrums, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Submissions from 2002

Left, right or straight ahead: Contemporary prospects for progressive and critical criminology, Judith Bessant

Choice and responsibility: The delegation of decision making to intelligent software agents, Carolyn Dowling

Researching agent aechnologies in the electronic classroom, Carolyn Dowling

Building theory in leadership through electronic networking, Patrick Augustine Duignan, Victoria Collins, Lynette Coulon, and Michael Thomas Fagan

A terrible beauty: David Zindell and the trans-human condition, Andrew Graham Enstice

A 'War of Good Against Evil', Raimond Gaita


Intervening in Ethics, Raimond Gaita

Translator's Introduction, Robyn Lesley Horner

Grace: Meaning and Catholic Education, Anthony Kelly


Introduction to the Walt Whitman Collection in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Carolyn Masel


Poet of comrades: Walt Whitman and the Bolton Whitman Fellowship, Carolyn Masel

'If you were a bear': 6-year-olds negotiating 'reality' through drama, Lorraine McDonald

Ramzejs Un Murs Par Propoziciju Dabu (Ramsey and Moore on the nature of propositions), John Talivaldis Ozolins

The university: Is it finished?, Gaita Raimond


But the children... : Indigenous child removal policies compared, Shurlee Swain

Bone of my Bones; Flesh of my Flesh: A brief history of the clone in science fiction, Janeen Suzanne Webb

Teaching and learning in mathematics by abstraction, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore


Freedom of information: Back to basics, Spencer Michael Zifcak

The independence and reform of the judiciary in Indonesia, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Towards a reconciliation of legal and social work practice, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Submissions from 2001

The Consequences of Childhood Peer Rejection, Patricia McDougall, Shelley Hymel, Tracy Vaillancourt, and Kay Louise Mercer

Submissions from 1999


Why is self-knowledge different from other kinds of knowledge, Akeel Bilgrami

Submissions from 1990


Myosin light chain kinases, Bruce E. Kemp and James T. Stull

Submissions from 1989

Discussions of the findings, Bonnie Meyer, Carol Young, and Brendan John Bartlett


Method for the evaluation study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Background literature in aging and reading, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan John Bartlett

Findings from the study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan John Bartlett

Introduction and rationale for the study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan John Bartlett