Submissions from 2007


Pesantren and Madrasa: Muslim Schools and National Ideals in Indonesia, Dina Afrianty, Robert Hefner, and Azyumardi Azra

Augustine's commentaries on the old testament: A Mariological perspective, Pauline Allen

Full of grace or a credal commodity? John 2: 1-11 and Augustine’s view of Mary, Pauline Allen

The Greek homiletic tradition of the feast of the Hypapante: The place of Sophronios of Jerusalem, Pauline Allen

Introduction to Values Education and Lifelong Learning: Principles, Policies, Programmes, David Aspin


Lifelong learning: Concepts and conceptions, David N. Aspin and Judith D. Chapman

HR managers as ethics agents of the state, Lynne Bennington

We will run out of young men? Implications for the trades in Australia, Lynne Bennington

Prospect or promise Internationalisation in Australia, Susan M. Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett

Introduction, Stephen Buckle

Addressing challenges and making a difference /$cprofessor Jude butcher, Dr Lorraine McDonald., Jude Butcher and Lorraine MacDonald

Addressing challenges and making a difference, Jude Butcher and Lorraine McDonald

The Mariology of John Paul II: Doctrine and devotion, Sandra Carroll


Science education and contemporary times: Finding our way through the challenges, Lynette Carter

Student action teams, values education and quality teaching and learning, Judith Dorothy Chapman, Sue Cahill, and Roger Holdsworth


Clusters and learning networks: A strategy for reform in values education, Judith Chapman, Ron Toomey, Sue Cahill, Maryanne Davis, and Janet Gaff

A Malaysian doctrine of inequality of bargaining power and unconscionability after Saad Marwi?, May Fong Cheong

Face of Jesus Christ in Asia, Edmund Chia

Thelogia asiatica y pluralismo religioso, Edmund Chia

Ten key principles from research for the professional development of mathematics teachers, Douglas McLean Clarke

Teachers' self-assessment of subject matter knowledge, Julie Margaret Clark

The place of subjectivity in planning evaluation, assessment and testing, Philip C. Clarkson

Physical activity: Generic prescription for health, Michael Climstein

Unreal friends, Dean Cocking and Stephen Crawford Matthews

The beyond beckons, Mary Coloe

The end is where we start from: Afterlife in the fourth gospel, Mary Coloe

The Nazarene king: Pilate’s title as the key to John's crucifixion, Mary Coloe

Christendom on the Move: The Case of the Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, Gemma Cruz

Em-body-ing Theology: Theological Reflections on the Experience of the Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, Gemma Cruz

Sexualities, genders, bodies and sport: Changing practices of inequity, Kevin Davison and Blye W. Frank

At mass with young children, Daniel Donovan


A short overview of Creative Commons, Brian Fitzgerald


Games history, content, practice and law, Brian Fitzgerald, Sal Humphreys, John Banks, Keith Done, and Nicolas Suzor

Introduction to the Routledge classics edition, Raimond Gaita

Romulus, my father: From book to screenplay to film, Raimond Gaita

The moral force of reconciliation, Raimond Gaita

Facilitating middle secondary modelling competencies, Peter Galbraith, Gloria Stillman, Jill Patricia Brown, and I Edwards

The age and origin of the Blakeney esker of north Norfolk: implications for the glaciology of the southern North Sea Basin, Stephen Gale and Peter Hoare

Sustaining language / existing threats: Resistance and rhetoric in Australian refugee discourses, Suzanne Gannon and Sue Saltmarsh

Living with chronic illness, Glenn Gardner and Anne Gardner

Christian identity and social commitment: An Australian Catholic perspective, Robert Gascoigne

Church, kingdom and the moral concerns of modernity, Robert Gascoigne

Redemptor hominis: John Paul II's Christian humanism, Robert Gascoigne

Suffering and theological ethics: Intimidation and hope, Robert Gascoigne

Faith and reason, Gary Gleeson

Developing sacramental education through children's literature, Janice Pauline Grajczonek

Teaching the gospels using process drama, Janice Pauline Grajczonek

Revealing the early years religion program through classroom interaction, Janice Pauline Grajczonek and Helena Austin

Interfaith dialogue: Theology, practice and promise, Gerard Vincent Hall

Teaching and learning in the early years' religion class, Pamela Anne Hanifin and Janice Pauline Grajczonek

The social construction of computing and information technology subject subculture, Catherine Robyn Hart

Postmodernism, Kevin Hart

Varieties of poetic sequence: Ted Hughes and Geoffrey Hill, Kevin Hart

Weight of love, Robyn Lesley Horner

Transformational learning: An aboriginal educator's aspirations, supports and celebrations, Peter Howard, Sharon Cooke, and Jude Butcher

John Paul II: The gospel of love, the gospel of suffering: The Christian meaning of human suffering, Annemarie Jean Hunt

Face, flesh, fire and spirit: John Paul II’s eucharistic vision, Anthony Kelly

The Italian experience: Lessons in catholicity for the emerging multi-cultural church in Australia, Anthony Kelly

Basileia in first Thessalonians (2: 12), David Harold Luckensmeyer

Creativity, theory building and art learning, Karen Elizabeth Maras

Misconstruing Indigenous Sovereignty: Maintaining the fabric of Australian law, Gary Martin and Philip Falk

Delving into the dark side: Josephus' foresight as hindsight, James Stuart McLaren

Adapting e-learning across cultural boundaries: A framework for quality learning, pedagogy, and interaction, Catherine McLoughlin

Stories in ICT professional development, Sue McNamara, Mellita Jones, and Karen McLean

Intrapsychic factors contributing to adolescent depression, Lisa Clare Milne and Phillip Greenway


Into narrative and beyond, Francis J. Moloney

Understanding the self as instrument, Judith Mulholland


Towards defining a Christian culture: The Christian transformation of classical literature, Bronwen Neil

The politics of hagiography in ninth-century Rome, Bronwen Jennifer Neil

Bitin back: Indigenous writing in QLD, Marguerite Rose Nolan

The demidenko affair and Australian hoaxes, Marguerite Rose Nolan

Fieldwork supervision: A space for professional learning, Joce Nuttall, Brenton Doecke, Amanda Berry, Bella Illesca, and Jane Mitchell

Theory, policy, and practice: Three contexts for the development of Australasia’s early childhood curriculum documents, Joce Nuttall and Suzy Edwards


Religious language games, Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis

John Paul II and interfaith dialogue, Neil James Ormerod

Resurrection and cosmic eschatology, Neil James Ormerod

Avoiding bad company: The importance of moral habitat and moral habits in moral education, Janis (John) Ozolins

A brief survey of Australian philosophy, John Talivaldis Ozolins

The rise and fall of a significant headmaster, Malcolm David MacKenzie Prentis

The challenge of realising language and literacy goals in east Timor’s schools, Marie T. Quinn

Preserving a white military: The Australian armed forces and indigenous people in the second world war, Noah Jed Riseman

Liturgical catechesis: A life transformed by love, Veronica Rosier

Reading church documents, Maurice James Ryan and Janice Pauline Grajczonek

The holiday makers happy hunting ground: Travel writing in Queensland, Simon Ryan

The Hegemony of English in India, Tim Scrase


The role of open content licences in building open content communities: Creative commons, gfdl and other licences, Nicholas P. Suzor and Brian F. Fitzgerald

Jesus, The Crucified and Risen Sage: Constructing A Contemporary Confucian Christology, Jonathan Tan

Religion, Romantic Love, and the Family, Bryan Turner


Globalization, religion and empire in Asia, Bryan Stanley Turner

A down to earth ecological thinking & ethics, Richard Martin Wade

Sustainable assessment and lifelong learning: Standards for excellence and the development of teacher identity, Sue Anne Wilson and Steve Thornton


Eastern Christian hagiographical traditions: Oriental Orthodox: Coptic hagiography, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Submissions from 2006

Primary prevention of diabetes mellitus: Present and future, Ajay GuptJaya Ahuja and Kym Michele Fraser

The juxtaposition of Islam and violence, Ismail Albayrak

The horizons of a bishop's world: The letters of Augustine of Hippo, Pauline Allen

Using capacity management: To address issues of airport management, Vicki Caron Baard and Edward Watts

Clinical supervision, John Barletta

Starting from the beginning: Primary teacher education in east Timor, Margaret Helen Beck

If we don't shout loudly: We might be forgotten, Josephine Brady, Catherine McLoughlin, Sue Anne Wilson, and Stephen Mark Arnold

Lifelong learning: Helping address disadvantage through community-based learning projects, Carolyn Broadbent, Jillian Elizabeth Burgess, and Maureen Boyle