Submissions from 2009

Values education and multicultural: Ism in the global culture, Joseph Zajda

Globalisation, Decentralisation and School-Based Management, Joseph Zajda and David Gamage


Teaching History, Joseph Zajda and David Gamage

Comparative Information Technology: Languages, Societies and the Internet, Joseph Zajda and Donna Gibbs

Combining community reconciliation and local justice: A modest proposal for reform, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Mapping human rights in the polish abortion debates, Magdalena Zolkos

Submissions from 2008

Engagement and the Therapeutic Alliance, Jean Addington and David Lewis Penn

Power, purity and the vanguard: Educational ideology of the jama'at-i islami of India, Irfan Ahmad

Australia, Tania Aspland


Rational disagreement as a challenge to practical ethics and moral theory: An essay in moral epistemology, Robert Audi


Skepticism about the a priori justification: Self-evidence, defeasibiity, and cogito propositions, Robert Audi


The marketing of human images as a challenge to ethical leadership, Robert Audi

I've Been Workin on the Railroad: Action Research in Changing Workplace Climate, Brendan John Bartlett

Introduction: What is evaluation of action research?, Brendan John Bartlett and Eileen Piggot-Irvine

First of its kind: A pre-service graduate programme for primary school teachers, Margaret Helen Beck

The context and history of the education sector in Timor-Leste, Margaret Helen Beck


The Davenport Brothers Down Under: Theatre, Belief and Modernity in 1870s Australia, Melissa Bellanta

Taking the next step: Catholic schools and the cry of the poor, Anne Benjamin

Both 'catholic' and 'school': Leading learning with moral purpose, Michael Bezzina

She Has the Native Interests Too Much at Heart Annie Lock's Experiences as a Single, White, Female Missionary to Aborigines 1903-1937, Catherine Bishop

A trained and supported workforce, Barbara Joanne Bowers

Connecting communities: An indigenous education initiative in the Canberra region, Australia, Carolyn Broadbent

Culture, communication and connectedness: Building social capital within the indigenous community, Carolyn Broadbent, Maureen Boyle, and Margaret Carmody

Beyond me: Mindful responses to social threat, Kirk Warren Brown, Richard Michael Ryan, J. David Creswell, and Christopher P. Niemiec

Hume in the enlightenment tradition, Stephen Buckle

Sports supplements debate: A risky practice that produces expensive urine or legitimate performance boosts that can be found in a packet or bottle?, Louise Mary Burke

Optimising and enhancing human performance through nutrition, Louise Mary Burke, Bente Kiens, and Kevin D. Tipton

Media Education: A Background, Andrew Burn and Cal Durrant

Present Concerns: Future Possibilities, Andrew Burn and Cal Durrant

Developing a Pedagogical Planner, Leanne Cameron

Immigration, democracy and citizenship, Joseph Carens

Australia: Building on diversity, Judith Chapman

The Impact of the English, Canadian and Australian Doctrine of Unconscionability on Malaysia, May Cheong

Exclusion clauses in Malaysia: The need for reform, May Fong Cheong

Beliefs of Catholics in Asia, Kee-Fook (Edmund) Chia

Senior secondary English and its goals: making sense of 'The Journey', F Christie and Sally Humphrey

The mathematics teacher as curriculum maker: Developing knowledge for enacting curriculum, Doug Clarke


In conversation with Alan Bishop, Philip Clarkson


Developing a festschrift with a difference, Philip Clarkson and Norma Presmeg

Divine absence and the purification of desire: A Hindu saint's experience of a God who keeps his distance, Francis Clooney


Augustine, apuleius, and hermes trismegistus: The City of God and advice on how (not) to read Hindu texts, Francis Xavier Clooney


For your own good: Suffering and evil in God's plan according to one Hindu theologian, Francis Xavier Clooney


Reengaging the classical traditions in light of popular and subaltern Hinduism: Extending Felix Wilfred's reconsideration of Hindu-Christian relations, Francis Xavier Clooney

Self-processes, learning, and enabling human potential, Rhonda Gai Craven

Tibial loading mechanics: Implications for stress fracture injury, Mark Creaby and Sharon Dixon

The depths of ecclesial unity between the roman catholic and eastern orthodox churches: Evidences from the dialogue of love, Brian J. Lawrence Cross

What is evidence-based practice?, Leigh Davis and Mary Courtney

Self-determination theory and the explanatory role of psychological needs in human well-being, Edward L. Deci, Richard Michael Ryan, and Maurizio Vansteenkiste

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Colleen Joy Doyle, Rebecca Howard, Loyal Pattewage, and Sandy Ward

Anicius hemogenianus olybrius, Geoffrey David Dunn

Devi and Tantric practice, John Dupuche

Of Melodies and Meanings, Cal Durrant

Recalling Media Moments, Mates and Memories, Cal Durrant

The holy spirit as the gift: Pneumatology and catholic re-ception of petrine ministry in the theology of Walter Kasper, Denis Edwards

A community nursing model of care for people with chronic leg ulcers, Helen Edwards, Kathleen Finlayson, and Mary Denise Courtney

Images of childhood, early education and care: Mediating the principles of social constructionism with teachers' perceptions of practice and pedagogy, Susan Elizabeth Edwards


Can love be commanded? Kierkegaard's view of neighbor love, Charles Stephen Evans


The historical reliability of John's Gospel: From what perspective should it be assessed?, Charles Stephen Evans

Too much information: when the burden of trust paralyses representation, Kristina Everett


Copyright 2010: The future of copyright law, Brian Fitzgerald


Introduction, Brian Fitzgerald


Creating a legal framework for copyright management of open access within the Australian academic and research sector, Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Mark Perry, Scott Kiel-Chisholm, Erin Driscoll, Dilan Thampapillai, and Jessica Coates


The law as cyber infrastructure, Brian Fitzgerald and Kylie Pappalardo


Civil jurisdiction, intellectual property and the internet, Brian Fitzgerald and Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi

Qualitative research methods for evaluation, Margaret Fletcher, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Eileen Piggot-Irvine, and Brendan John Bartlett

Ancora Berlusconi? L'Europa ci interroga, John Mackintosh Foot

Famine relief on the Volga Muriel Heagney's winter sojourn, Rosemary Francis

Pissing down in Colbo: a heritage of country football, John Frawley

Treating Conduct Problems, Aggression and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents: An Integrated View, Paul Joseph Frick and Paul Boxer

Treatment of Violent Offenders, Paul Joseph Frick and Paul Boxer

Externalizing Disorders of Childhood, Paul Joseph Frick and Eva R. Kimonis


Child and Adolescent Conduct Problems, Paul Joseph Frick and Robert J. McMahon

The Blakeney esker (TG 0432423), Stephen Gale and Peter Hoare

Minority Women and Forced Migrations: A Comparative Study of Flight and Settlement Experiences of Women Refugees in India and Australia, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Roberta Julian

Hegemony, globalisation, and neoliberalism: The case of West Bengal, India, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Timothy J. Scrase


Postural control in children with developmental coordination disorder, Reint Geuze and Peter Wilson

The influence of national and school context on Civic, Social and Personal Education in schools, Jim Gleeson

Bimanual coordination in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, Andrew M. Gordon and Bert Steenbergen


Purgatory, Paul Griffiths


Saying the thing that is not: Newman on the lie, Paul John Griffiths


Self-annihilation or damnation?, Paul John Griffiths

Raimon Panikkar: Cosmic confidence and global peace, Gerard Hall

The natural mysticism of indigenous Australian traditions, Gerard Vincent Hall and Joan Hendriks

Mythos, boys and literacy - adolescent boys and their leisure reading choices, Julie Hamston and Kristina Love

Men and violence, Maurice John Hanlon

Implementing school-based communities of practice for elt professional development, Barbara Harold and Lauren Stephenson

Metabolic adaptations to training, John Alan Hawley and Gustavo A. Nader

Macropolitical forces and micropolitical realities: implementing Te Whariki, Helen Hedges and Jocelyn Grace Nuttall

Privatisation and labour relations in Asian ports: The case of Port Klang, Malaysia, Douglas P. Hill, Andrew Wells, and Timothy J. Scrase


Thinking rugby: Using sport psychology to improve rugby performance, Ken Hodge, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, and Alex McKenzie

Excesso excessivo: Jean Luc-marion e superacao da metafisica, Robyn Lesley Horner

Clashes of principle and the possibility of dialogue: A case study of same-sex marriage in the united church in Canada, Roger Hutchinson


The evidence-base for upper extremity intervention for children with cerebral palsy, Christine Imms

Developing and sustaining the digital education ecosystem: The value and possiblities of online environments for student learning, Dan Ingvarson and Michael Francis Gaffney

Intensive care for the critically ill adult, Alice Y.M. Jones, George Ntoumenopoulos, and Jennifer D. Paratz


Quality of life in heart failure, Corrine Jurgens, Jom Suwano, and Barbara Reigel

Occupational safety and health: Work-family conflict and coping among a sample of social workers and their partners in India: A qualitative study, Parveen Kalliath and Thomas Kalliath

Approaching the phenomenon of federal failure, Emilian Kavalski and Magdalena Zolkos

Hope for unbaptised infants: Holy innocents after all?, Anthony Kelly

Normative agency, Jeanette Kennett and Stephen Crawford Matthews