Submissions from 2009

Education as a means of re-orienting values /$cdr madeleine hazel laming., Madeleine Laming

Education as a method of re-orienting values, Madeleine Mattarozzi Laming

Changing the metaphor: The potential of online communities in teacher professional development, Margaret Lloyd and Jennifer Howell

What is within becomes what is around: Imagination, Innovation, Creativity, Jacqueline Manuel, Paul Brock, Wayne Sawyer, and Donald John Carter

"ka pai - well done": Student teacher perceptions of assessment feedback in distance learning, Valerie Gail Margrain, Liz Everiss, Trish Murphy, Angela Edlin, Jenny McClew, and Anne Meade

Antioch and the intersection between religious factionalism, place, and power in late antiquity, Wendy Mayer


Approaching late antiquity, Wendy Elizabeth Mayer

Cinematic visions of dying, Frances McInerney


Maskîl and Fugue on B, Timothy McKenry

Corruption among the high priesthood: A matter of perspective, James S. McLaren

Poverty and the world of Jesus, James Stuart McLaren

Children of the deaf: The challenge of expressing spirituality in western society, Paul McQuillan

Gender stereotypes, class prejudice and female warriors in the depiction of women in year 6 Greek primary school history textbooks (1970-1983 and 1997-2006), Stilianos Meselidis

Saltmarsh as habitat for birds and other vertebrates, Vaughan Monamy, Mark Breitfuss, and Jennifer Spencer

Speech as communication, speech as salvation: Conflicts in Augustine’s theology of language, David Edward Morgan

Augustine on poverty, David Edward Charles Morgan, Pauline Allen, and Edward Morgan

Multiple targets of workplace affective commitment: Factor structure and measurement invariance of the Workplace Affective Commitment Multidimensional Questionnaire, Alexandre Morin, Isabelle Madore, Julien Morizot, Jean-Sebastien Boudrias, and Michel Tremblay


Reworking the tailings: New gold histories and the cultural Landscape, Ben Mountford and Keir Reeves


A shared responsibility in the administration of justice: A pilot study of signed language interpretation access for deaf jurors, Jemina Napier, David Spencer, and Joseph Sabolcec

Spiritual leadership in Australian schools: Can it enhance school leadership today?, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

Anastasius bibliothecarius, Bronwen Jennifer Neil


Exploring the linkage between reforms and learning in the Asia-Pacific region: An Activity Theory perspective, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng


Learning for achievement as a collective goal in re-culturing learning and teaching in Hong Kong classrooms, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Reforming learning in the Asia-pacific region: An Introduction, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Who's a weird mob? Imagining assimilation in postwar Australia, Marguerite Rose Nolan

How do you safely mobilise your intubated and ventilated patient?, George Ntoumenopoulos

Managing secretions in the ventilated patient: The role of humidification, suction, physiotherapy, mucolytics and airway adjuncts, George Ntoumenopoulos

Future directions in researching professional learning in early childhood settings, Joce Nutall and Susan Edwards

Structure, agency, and artefacts: Mediating professional learning in early childhood education, Jocelyn Grace Nuttall, Lisa Coxon, and Sarah Read

Metaphors for wellbeing: Enhancing students' learning and teaching perceptions within a pre-service education course, Mary Nuttall

Societal expectations and tolerating interpersonal difference as factors within the differentiation of self, Denis John O'Hara


Late twentieth-century atheism, Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis


Charles Taylor in conversation with Lonergan and Doran: On upper and lower blades, Neil James Charles Ormerod

Guerra justa. Soberania y guerra justa, John Talivaldis Ozolins

La etica en un mundo de globalizado, John Talivaldis Ozolins

The virtues of upper houses, Scott Prasser

Verhalten und gesundheit, T. Reuter and Karl Ralf Schwarzer


Teacher misbehaviour, Philip Riley and Ramon Lewis

Black skins, black work: Race and labour in world war ii Papua and new guinea, Noah Jed Riseman


Promoting self-determined school engagement: Motivation, learning and well-being, Richard Michael Ryan and Edward L. Deci

Exploring the role of social software in higher education, Yoni Ryan and Robert Fitzgerald

Researching context as a "practiced place", Sue Saltmarsh

Writing politically: Reflections on the writing of politics and the politics of writing, Sue Saltmarsh

Literature Review: Ethical and Consent Issues in Involving Children and Young People in Research, Jonathon Sargeant and Deborah Harcourt


Physical Education and Sport - The people, the participation and the performance - Snapshots in context, John E. Saunders, Christopher Hickey, and Wayne Edward Maschette

Gesundheitspsychologie, Ralf Schwarzer

Digital literacy and using online discussions: Reflections from teaching large cohorts in teacher education, Anne Lia Scott and Josephine Mary Ryan

From marginalized worker to impoverished entrepreneur: The globalization of the trade in crafts and its impact on Indian artisans, Timothy Joseph Leslie Scrase

Knowledge economy: Policy discourse and cultural resource, Teresa Seddon

New Learning Spaces in TVET: The Contribution of Social Partnerships, Teresa Lynne Seddon, Kathleen Fennessy, and Kathleen Ferguson

Learning spaces in educational partnerships, Teresa Lynne Seddon and Kathleen Ferguson

Teachers' work, power and authority, Teresa Seddon and Phoebe Madeleine Palmieri

Reasonable adjustment? The intersection between Australian disability discrimination legislation and parental perceptions of curriculum adjustments in Queensland schools, Poed, Shiralee and Deb Keen


Paul and Matthew on the Torah: Theory and practice, David C. Sim

Wealth and poverty in the gospel of Matthew, David Campbell Sim

Introduction, Silke Sitzler and Pauline Allen

Mediation, David Spencer


Leading genuine parent-school partnerships, Gayle Spry and John Graham

Bodies in the making: Reflections on women's consumption practices in pregnancy, Helen Stapleton and Julia Keenan

(New) family formation and the organisation of food in households: Who does what and why?, Helen Stapleton and Julia Keenan

Foreword to English for a New Millennium: Leading Change, Karen Starr and Cal Durrant


The problem of evil: Analytic philosophy and narrative, Eleonore Stump

"being thankful for their birth in a Christian land": Interrogating intersections between whiteness and child rescue, Shurlee Swain, Margot Hillel, and Belinda Sweeney


Whiteness, maternal feminism and the working mother, 1900-1960, Shurlee Lesley Swain, Ellen Mary Warne, and Patricia Grimshaw

The Future of Asian American Theologies, Jonathan Tan

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Adolescents, Hsien-Jin Teoh

Reconstructing dominant paradigms of teacher education: Possibilities for pedagogical transformation in Fiji, Katarina Tuinamuana

The history of feminist theology, Anne Patricia Tuohy

A sociology of citizenship and human rights: Does social theory still exist?, Bryan Turner

Evangelism, the state, and subjectivity, Bryan Turner

Goods not Gods: New spiritualities, consumerism, and religious markets, Bryan Turner

Marxism and exile: Reflections on intellectual migration, Bryan Turner

Technologies, religion and social mediation, Bryan Turner

Violence, human rights and piety: Cosmopolitanism versus virtuous exclusion in response to atrocity, Bryan Turner

Violence, human rights, and piety: Cosmopolitanism versus virtuous exclusion in response to atrocity, Bryan Turner


Introduction: A New Agenda for Social Theory?, Bryan Stanley Turner


Introduction: Piety, politics and philosophy: Asia and the global body, Bryan Stanley Turner


The Sociology Of the Body, Bryan Stanley Turner


Multiliteracies and metalanguage: Describing image/text relations as a resource for negotiating multimodal texts, Len Unsworth

Passion et controle: Une analyse conceptuelle, Robert J. Vallerand, Genevieve L. Lavigne, and N. Carbonneau

Self-determined motivation in sport and exercise groups, Robert J. Vallerand and Martyn Standage

Theological method: A way of life, Terry Veling

Pedagogic potentials of multimodal literacy, Maureen Walsh

Learning leadership in multiagency work for integrating services into schools, Paul Warmington, Harry Daniels, Anne Edwards, and Jane Leadbetter

Selbstwirksamkeit bei Lehrkraften, Lisa M. Warner and Karl Ralf Schwarzer

Nursing patients with neurological problems, Caroline Leigh Watkins

Intellectual disability and ageing, Ruth Webber, Barbara Joanne Bowers, and Christine Bigby

University-educated indigenous women: Their struggles and triumphs in their leadership journeys, Nereda Dawn White

Intercultural leadership: Strengthening leadership capabilities for indigenous education, Nereda Dawn White, Robyn Ober, Melodie Bat, and John Frawley

E - Book Technology in Libraries, Linda Wilkins and Elsie Chan


Intensive and critical care nursing perspectives, G. F. Williams, Paul Richard Fulbrook, A. W. Alexandrov, W. Canon Montanez, H. M. Salisu-Kabara, and D. W.K. Chan


Changing the teaching for the underachieving able child: The Ruyton school experience, Lee Wills and John Munro

Towards theorising assessment as critical inquiry, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and Stephanie Gunn

Research on Coptic hymnography: Psalis of the days - composition and date, Youhanna Nessim Youssef


Reforming learning and teaching through online collaborative knowledge building, Allan H. K. Yuen, Nicol H. C. Pan, and Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Globalisation, and comparative research: Implications for education, Joseph Zajda

Globalisation, nation-building and cultural identity: The role of intercultural dialogue, Joseph Zajda

Nation-building, identity and citizenship education: Introduction, Joseph Zajda

Race, ethnicity and gender in education: Introduction, Joseph Zajda


Teachers and the politics of history school textbooks, Joseph Zajda