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Continuity of carer is the cornerstone of the caseload midwifery model where a woman receives the majority of her maternity care from a named midwife throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. This model differs from standard maternity care where midwifery continuity of carer is not provided across the pregnancy continuum. A systematic review of midwifery-led care has associated midwifery continuity models with beneficial outcomes for women (Sandall, Soltani, Gates, Shennan, & Devane, 2013). However, it is widely acknowledged that further research is needed to understand how, a complex intervention such as caseload midwifery makes a difference to clinical outcomes. This thesis aimed to explore discrete aspects of caseload midwifery care delivery in women of all risk status, and better understand which components may be contributing to outcomes associated with this model.


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