Submissions from 2016


Service matters: Single Service Point as a collaborative and professional learning initiative for service excellence, Marianne Chauvet, Vicki Bourbous, and Frances Liston


OSCE best practice guidelines - Applicability for nursing simulations, Michelle A. Kelly, Marion Mitchell, Amanda Henderson, Carol Jeffrey, Michele Groves, Duncan David Nulty, Pauline Glover, and Sabina Knight

Submissions from 2015

Transforming practice and promoting academic excellence through collaborative cross-unit partnerships, Vicki Bourbous and Tina Bavaro

Age and growth of the tiger shark Galeocerdo cuvier off the east coast of Australia, Bonnie J. Holmes, Victor M. Peddemors, Adrian N. Gutteridge, Pascal T. Geraghty, Ricky W. K. Chan, Ian R. Tibbetts, and Michael B. Bennett

Submissions from 2013


An implementation framework for using OSCEs in nursing curricula, Amanda Henderson, Duncan D. Nulty, Marion L. Mitchell, Carol A. Jeffrey, Michelle Kelly, Michele Groves, Pauline Glover, and Sabina Knight

Submissions from 2012


IPads: Outreach, collaboration, and innovation in academic libraries, Freya Bruce, Vicki Bourbous, Maria El-Chami, John Eliot, and Sarah Howard

Submissions from 2011


Survive and thrive: Skills for your first year at university, Martina Muller and Duncan D. Nulty

Submissions from 2006


Picturing parenting in the words and illustrations of Bob Graham, Margot Hillel

Submissions from 2005


Understanding business transformation success: A new communication-centric model, Elizabeth More and Phillip Wing