Submissions from 2004


Background Knowledge and connectedness :The Case of Mathematics, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore


The Influence of Perceived Constrains on Teachers' Problem-Solving Beliefs and Practices, Paul White, Peter Sullivan, and Judy Anderson

Design Consideration of the MOR, Bingyang Zhou

Submissions from 2003

Bati da son Donem Kuran Galismalarina Genel Bir Bakis, Ismail Albayrak

Kuran ve Tetst Agisindan Hzir Kissas, ve Ledun iimi, Ismail Albayrak


Defining moments in determining a complete graph in a graphing calculator teaching and learning environment, Jill Patricia Brown

Defining Core Employees :An Exploration of the Human Resource Architecture, Janet Cheng Lian Chew

Open-ended realistic division problems, generalization and early algebra, Tom Coope and rElizabeth Anne Warren


What Students Say :Analysis of Structured Survey Data in Relation to Technology and Mathematics, Vincent Stephen Geiger


Cynosure, Timothy McKenry

On The Personhood of the Human Embryo, John Talivaldis Ozolins

Christ's Proxy :A Response to Wendy Mayer, Kim Power


Parent Partnerships in Primary Schools :An Emerging Model, Janelle Patricia You, g, and E. Warren

Jean Eveque d'Assiut, de Manfalut et d'Abu Tig et ses activites litteraires, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Submissions from 2002


Bone mineral density in adolescent female athletes: relationship to exercise type and muscle strength, Craig S. Duncan, Cameron J. Blimkie, Christopher T. Cowell, Stephen Burke, Julie N. Briody, and Robert Giles-Howman

The Carthaginian Synod of 251 :Cyprian's Model of Pastoral Ministry, Geoffrey David Dunn


Geodetic Monuments, Alex Kershaw


Education as encounter, John Ozolins

Submissions from 2001


Understanding assessing and developing young children's mathematical thinking: Research as a powerful tool for professional growth, Doug Clarke

Submissions from 1992


The Chronicle, Australian Catholic University