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Submissions from 2012


Intelligent clothing for automated recognition of human physical activities in free-living environment, Yuchuan Wu, Ronghua Chen, Jin Wang, Xiangping Sun, and Mary F. H. She

Submissions from 2011


An investigation into online moderation, Lenore Adie


Promoting rural and remote teacher education in Australia through the Over The Hill project, Denise Beutel, Lenore Adie, and Suzanne Hudson


Preschoolers' social skills: Advances in assessment for intervention using social behavior ratings, Jennifer R. Frey, Stephen N. Elliott, and Frank M. Gresham


Informing writing: the benefts of formative assessment - a report from Carnegie Corporation of New York, Steve Graham, Karen Harris, and Michael Hebert


Throw 'em Out or Make 'em Better? State and District High-Stakes Writing Assessments, Steve Graham, Michael Hebert, and Karen Harris


Attitudes towards inclusion: Gaps between belief and practice, Yoon-Suk Hwang and David Evans


Towards a metalanguage adequate to linguistic achievement in post-structuralism and English: Reflections on voicing in the writing of secondary students, Mary Macken-Horarik and Wendy Morgan


Building a knowledge structure for English: Reflections on the challenges of coherence, cumulative learning, portability and face validity, Mary Rose Macken-Horarik


I'm making it different to the book': Transmediation in young children's multimodal and digital texts, Kathy Mills


Now I know their secrets': Kineikonic texts in the literacy classroom, Kathy Mills


IPed: Pedagogy for digital text production, Kathy Ann Mills and Amanda Levido


Microblogging as a literacy practice for educational communities, Kathy Mills and Vinesh Chandra


Culture and the sequence of steps in theory of mind development, Ameneh Shahaeian, Candida Peterson, Virginia Slaughter, and Henry Wellman


The short-term impact of a problem-solving skills programme for Iranian parents, Mohsen Shokoohi-Yekta, Paul Harnett, Akram Parand, and Ameneh Shahaeian


The effectiveness of methods for providing written feedback through a computer-based assessment for learning : A systematic review, Fabienne van der Kleij, Caroline Timmers, and Theo Eggen

Submissions from 2010


Developing consistency in teacher judgement formation through online meeting centres, Lenore Adie

Submissions from 2009


Constructing knowledge schemas in the workplace: A microanalysis, Susan Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett

Moving Teachers, public texts and institualizing power, Susan Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett


Establishment Clauses, Legislation and Private School Funding in the United States and Australia: Recent Trends, Jacqueline Joy Cumming and Ralph D. Mawdsley

Framing assessment today for the future: Issues and challenges, Jacqueline Joy Cumming and Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith

Developmental Pathways to conduct problems: A further test of the childhood and adolescent-onset distinction, D. M. Dandreaux and Paul Joseph Frick

Linking callous-unemotional traits to instrumental and non-instrumental forms of aggression, K. A. Fanti, Paul Joseph Frick, and S Georgiou

Extending the construct of psychopathy to youth: implications for understanding, diagnosing, and treating antisocial children and adolescents, Paul Joseph Frick

Assessment of Personality and Adjustment, Paul Joseph Frick and Cedar W. O'Donnell

The use of callous-unemotional traits to define important subtypes of antisocial and violent youth, Paul Joseph Frick and Amelie Petitclerc


Antisocial behavior from a developmental psychopathology perspective, Paul Joseph Frick and E. Viding

Comment peut-on utiliser les etudes comparatives internationales pour doter les politiques educatives d'information fiables?, Harvey Goldstein

Handling attrition and non-response in longitudinal data, Harvey Goldstein

Multilevel models with multivariate mixed response types, Harvey Goldstein, James R. Carpenter, Michael G. Kenward, and Kate A. Levin

Multilevel multivariate modelling of childhood growth, numbers of growth measurements and adult characteristics, Harvey Goldstein and Daphne Kounali

Comment: Citation Statistics, Harvey Goldstein and David Spiegelhalter

Self-Regulated Strategy Development in Writing: Premises, Evolution and the Future, Karen Harris and Steve Graham

Valued knowledges AND core capacities FOR digital learners: Claiming spaces FOR quality assessment, Kay Kimber and Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith


Moderation as judgement practice : Reconciling system level accountability and local level practice, Val Klenowski and Lenore Adie

The limitations of using school league tables to inform school choice, George Leckie and Harvey Goldstein


Exploring the linkage between reforms and learning in the Asia-Pacific region: An Activity Theory perspective, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng


Learning for achievement as a collective goal in re-culturing learning and teaching in Hong Kong classrooms, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Profiling learners' achievement goals when completing academic essays, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Reforming learning in the Asia-pacific region: An Introduction, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng


Bridging multimodal literacies and national assessment programs in literacy, Leonard Charles Unsworth and Eveline Chan


Strategies and Secrets for Effective Tertiary Study: Reading, Understanding, and Learning in the Academic Setting, Ali Wegner

Differential correlates to self-report and parent-report of callous-unemotional traits in a sample of juvenile sexual offenders, Stuart F. White, K. R. Cruise, and Paul Joseph Frick

Towards theorising assessment as critical inquiry, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and Stephanie Gunn

Working multimodally: Challenges for assessment, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and K. Kimber


Reforming learning and teaching through online collaborative knowledge building, Allan H. K. Yuen, Nicol H. C. Pan, and Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Submissions from 2008


The hegemonic positioning of 'Smart State' policy, Lenore Adie

Child versus parent reports of parenting practices: implications for the conceptualization of child behavioral and emotional problems, C. T. Barry, Paul Joseph Frick, and Sarah J. Grafeman

I've Been Workin on the Railroad: Action Research in Changing Workplace Climate, Brendan John Bartlett

Introduction: What is evaluation of action research?, Brendan John Bartlett and Eileen Piggot-Irvine

Global Academic Movement: Wandering Scholars or Tradable Commodities?, Susan Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett


Adjusting for measurement error in the value added model: evidence from Portugal, Maria Eugenia Ferrao and Harvey Goldstein

Qualitative research methods for evaluation, Margaret Fletcher, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Eileen Piggot-Irvine, and Brendan John Bartlett

Treating Conduct Problems, Aggression and Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents: An Integrated View, Paul Joseph Frick and Paul Boxer

Treatment of Violent Offenders, Paul Joseph Frick and Paul Boxer

Externalizing Disorders of Childhood, Paul Joseph Frick and Eva R. Kimonis


Child and Adolescent Conduct Problems, Paul Joseph Frick and Robert J. McMahon

The importance of callous-unemotional traits for developmental models of aggressive and antisocial behavior, Paul Joseph Frick and Stuart F. White

Evidence and education policy - some reflections and allegations, Harvey Goldstein

Review of 'Monitoring Educational Achievement', Harvey Goldstein

School league tables: what can they really tell us?, Harvey Goldstein

Modelling measurement errors and category misclassifications in multilevel models, Harvey Goldstein, Daphne Kounali, and Anthony Robinson

Research on writing development, practice, instruction, and assessment: introduction to a special issue of reading and writing, Steve Graham

In Memory of Michael Pressley: A Role Model for 21st-Century Educational Psychologists, Steve Graham and Karen Harris

How do primary grade teachers teach handwriting? A National Survey, Steve Graham, Karen Harris, Linda H. Mason, and Barbara Fink-Chorzempa

Teaching spelling in the primary grades: A national survey of instructional practices and adaptations, Steve Graham, Paul Morphy, Karen Harris, and Barbara Fink-Chorzempa

Michael Pressley's Contributions to the History and Future of Strategies Research, Karen Harris, Patricia Alexander, and Steve Graham

Self-regulated strategy development in writing: Going beyond NLEs to a more balanced approach, Karen Harris, Tanya Santangelo, and Steve Graham

Macropolitical forces and micropolitical realities: implementing Te Whariki, Helen Hedges and Jocelyn Grace Nuttall


Assessing digital literacies: Can assessment ever be the same?, Kay Kimber and Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith

Callous-unemotional traits and the emotional processing of distress cues in detained boys: Testing the moderating role of aggression, exposure to community violence, and histories of abuse, Eva R. Kimonis, Paul Joseph Frick, L. C. Munoz, and K. J. Aucoin

The effects of self-regulated strategy development on the writing performance of second-grade students with behavioral and writing difficulties, Kathleen Lynne Lane, Karen Harris, Steve Graham, and Jessica L. Weisenbach

Contextually responsive transfer: Perceptions of NNES on an ESL/EFL teacher training programme, Indika Liyanage and Brendan John Bartlett


The origins and development of education law as a seperate field of law in the United States and Australia, Ralph D. Mawdsley and Jacqueline Joy Cumming

Types of aggression, responsiveness to provocation, and callous-unemotional traits in detained adolescents, L. C. Munoz, Paul Joseph Frick, Eva R. Kimonis, and K. J. Aucoin

Verbal ability and delinquency: Testing the moderating role of psychopathic traits, L. C. Munoz, Paul Joseph Frick, Eva R. Kimonis, and K. J. Aucoin

Motivation among older adults in learning computing technologies: A grounded model, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Multiple-goal learners and their differential patterns of learning, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Evaluating Action Research, Eileen Piggot-Irvine and Brendan John Bartlett

Using Self-Regulated Strategy Development to Support Students Who Have 'Trubol GitingThangs Into Werds', Tanya Santangelo, Karen Harris, and Steve Graham

Assessing integrative reading of images and text in group reading comprehension tests, Leonard Charles Unsworth and Eveline Chan


Exploring the Narrative Art of David Weisner: Using a Grammar of Visual Design and Learning Experiences on the World Wide Web, Leonard Charles Unsworth and Isable Ortigas

Heritability of antisocial behaviour at 9: Do callous-unemotional traits matter?, Essi Viding, Alice P. Jones, Paul Joseph Frick, and T. E. Moffitt


Text Structure Instruction and Metacognition: Supporting Early Childhood Student Teachers in their Academic Work, Ali Wegner

Designing professional learning for effecting change: Partnerships for local and system networks, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith, S. Bridges, M. Hedemann, and M. Neville

Multimodal reading and comprehension in online environments, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and John Elkins

Submissions from 2007

Prospect or promise Internationalisation in Australia, Susan M. Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett

Assessment as judgment-in-context: Analysing how teachers evaluate students' writing, R. W. Cooksey, P. Freebody, and Claire Wyatt-Smith

Techniques for Monitoring the Comparability of Examination Standards, Harvey Goldstein


The implications of the out-of-field phenomenon for effective teaching, quality education and school management, G. Steyn and Anna Du Plessis

Submissions from 2004

Education in a recovering nation: Renewing special education in Kosovo, Brendan John Bartlett

Submissions from 1995

Non-English speaking background (NESB) workers literacies: A workplace health and safety issue, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and Geraldine Castleton

Submissions from 1905


Almost 30 Years of Writing Research: Making Sense of It All with The Wrath of Khan, Steve Graham and Karen Harris