Research in the Peter Faber Business School shifts the attention from the technical/financial to the social/interpersonal context. With a particularly strong scholarly profile in the Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour arena, our publications feature in such world-class outlets as Human Resource Management Review, Human Resource Management (US), Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, British Journal of Management, and Journal of Vocational Behavior.

In the Thomas More Law School scholarly activities range from mediation and alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property and commercial law to human rights law, international economic law and social justice endeavours.

Academy members of staff consult nationally and internationally and publish their works in leading international book and journal outlets. Examples include articles in the Melbourne Journal of International Law, European Intellectual Property Review, and European Journal of International Law alongside edited volumes and monographs, such as Rethinking International Law and Justice (Ashgate), United Nations Reform: Heading North or South? (Routledge), Mediation: Skills and Techniques (LexisNexis Butterworths) and The Law of Globalization: An Introduction (Kluwer).


Submissions from 2008

Legislating Against Tax Avoidance, Rachel Anne Tooma

Submissions from 2007


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Consideration of the Utility of Organisational Commitment Measures Using a Two Multi-Dimensional Conception, Gordon Raymond Brooks and Elizabeth Agnes More

Integrating Teaching, Learning, Research and Community Engagement, Nasir Butrous


Applying Communities of Practice to the Learning of Police, Matthew Paul Campbell

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An Efficient eAuction Protocol, Brian Curtis, Josef Pieprzyk, and Jan Seruga

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Being Expert in the 21st Century, Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas

HR Now and in 2011: The Implications for HR Professionals and Line Managers, Robin Jana Kramar

Dance Party Consumer Motivations, Alistair Kenneth W Marshall

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The challenge of attracting and keeping quality teachers in Australian schools, Anthony Robert Stokes and Sarah Jean Wright

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Submissions from 2006

The Outdoor Educators Effect on Achieving Program Outcomes :A cross-section of Australian Schools, Sandra Joan Allen-Craig and Jacqueline Miller

Improve your Small Firm Performance :The Benefits of an Interactive IT Consulting System, Vicki Caron Baard

Perceived organisational support as a moderator of the effects of workplace bullying on intention to leave, Nikola Djurkovic, Darcy McCormack, and Gian Casimir


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Australia has many MANagers but where are the FEMagers?, Elizabeth Margaret O'Brien

Solution Focused Management :and Restoring Unplanned IT Outages, Katherine O'Callaghan and Sugumar Mariappanadar

Solution Focused Management :of Planned IT Outages, Katherine O'Callaghan and Sugumar Mariappanadar

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Factors Contributing to Success :A Performance Measurement Model Specific to Small Service Sector Firms, Edward Watts and Vicki Caron Baard


Risk Analysis and Protection for WBIS, Bingyang Zhou

Submissions from 2005

Crossing the Divide :A Successful Integration of Information Technology into South African Small Business, Vicki Caron Baard


The Design and Implementation of an Interactive IT Consulting System to improve performance in Small Business, Vicki Caron Baard

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Integration as a key concept in Information Systems Management; :Implications for just in time E-Business, Girija Krishnaswamy

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Public Officials and collaboration :Centrelink and the creation of pathways to employment, Gail Kristine Winkworth

Submissions from 2004


The Keiretsu Fable :Where does the truth lie?, Evelyn Leung Anderson


The Keiretsu Fable :where does the truth lie?, Evelyn Leung Anderson


Defining Security Services for Electronic Tendering, Colin Boyd, Rong Du, Brian F. Fitzgerald, and Ernest Foo


Secure communication protocol for preserving E-tendering integrity, Rong Du, Ernest Foo, Colin Boyd, and Brian F. Fitzgerald


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Taiwan's Interesting Times, Andrew Christie Papadimos

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Submissions from 2003

Insurance :Risk Management; Development and new Initiatives in the Outdoor Profession, Sandra Joan Allen-Craig

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Submissions from 2002

Left; Right or Straight Ahead: Contemporary Prospects for Progressive and Critical Criminology, Judith Bessant

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Freedom of Information: Back to Basics, Spencer Michael Zifcak

The Independence and Reform of the Judiciary In Indonesia, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Towards a Reconciliation of Legal and Social Work Practice, Spencer Michael Zifcak