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Recently, Marsh, Martin, and Jackson (2010) developed a short form of the Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ-S). The objective of this study was to examine the construct validity and reliability of the PSDQ-S in a French adolescent sample. The sample used in this study included 587 adolescents (247 boys, 340 girls, Mage = 14.62). Confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) provided support for the factor validity, reliability, and convergent validity of the French version of the PSDQ-S, and the strict measurement invariance of PSDQ-S across sex, age, body mass index, and involvement or not in sport practice. However, the latent means of the PSDQ-S did not prove to be invariant across sex, body mass index, and involvement or not in sport practice. Our findings suggest that the French version of the PSDQ-S presents acceptable psychometric properties and may be confidently used in research or practice to assess the physical self-conceptions of French adolescents.


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

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