O - Reading the Bible; Government and the Media; the Wider World. - 2006 National Church Life Survey: Sample Attender Survey

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Data from the NCLS survey administered to Australian church attenders 15 years and over. Approximately 2000 to 5000 respondents per sample survey. The survey was administered to attenders of 23 Australian denominations, including Catholic, mainstream Protestant, Pentecostal, and other denominations. The questionnaire includes:
1) A core set of questions to explore attenders' self description and views on:

  • demographics;
  • church attendance background;
  • demographics;
  • church attendance background;
  • attendance;
  • faith;
  • relationship to congregation;
  • attenders and their community;
  • leadership and direction.
2) A set of questions to understand attender's views on:
  • reading the Bible;
  • government and the media;
  • the wider world.

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