Submissions from 2011

Plotting the use of oral language and rich mathematical representations of teachers in the early years of formal schooling, Susan McDonald, E. Warren, and E. De Vries

Building preservice teacher capacity for effective mathematics teaching through partnerships with teacher educators and primary school communities, Andrea M. McDonough and M. R. Sexton

The use of Nintendo Wii Balance Boards for real-time investigation of weight bearing asymmetry, Rian P. McGough, K L. Paterson, E. Bradshaw, A. Bryant, and R. Clark

Rationale, repertoire and resources :The study of music language and pre-compositional craft in contemporary tertiary settings, Timothy McKenry

Reinventing the 21st century educator :Social media to engage and support the professional learning of teachers, Catherine McLoughlin

Teacher learning in transition :Participatory practices in digital age environments, Catherine McLoughlin

What ICT-related skills and capabilities should be considered central to the definition of digital literacy?, Catherine McLoughlin

Digital literacy and e-citizenship skills :A case study in applying web 2.0 tools, Catherine McLoughlin and S. L. Alam


Bilingualism in the ageing population :consequences of language change and language loss in bilingual dementia and aphasia, Amanda Miller Amberber

Switching languages in bilingual aphasia :evidence of grammatical impairment from Rarotongan, Maltese, French and English, Amanda Miller Amberber, Lyndsey Nickels, Stephen Crain, and Max Coltheart


Influence of Athletic Training on Vertical Stiffness, Emma Millett and Raul Landeo

Listening to children's explanations of fraction pair tasks :when more than an answer and an initial explanation are needed, Annie Mitchell and M. Horne

Teaching mathematics in the land of many languages, Charly Muke and P. Clarkson

Teaching mathematics in the Papua New Guinea highlands :a complex multilingual context, Charly Muke and P. Clarkson

Takin' care of business :Collaboration, equity and respect for Indigenous culture in tertiary education, Neil Musgrove and N. C. Wolfe

Sustaining sustainability :determining the most effective organizational culture, L. K. Pennington and Elizabeth More

The effectiveness of electronic communication, G. Peters, Jan Seruga, and V. Zellmer

Participation in budget setting, evaluation, incentive compensation and employee motivation to perform :A broader perspective in expectancy theory, N. Razi and Elizabeth More

Some lessons learned from the experience of assessing teacher pedagogical content knowledge in mathematics, Anne Roche and D. Clarke

Bullying has a detrimental impact on hospital nurses beyond the effect of negative affectivity, John Rodwell, D. Demir, P. Steane, and A. Noblet

Evening shift can be detrimental, but morning people often have better mental health irrespective of shift :An investigation of shift and chronotype across three different nursing contexts, John Rodwell and J. Fernando

Planning, biolinks and property :tensions between policy and practice, Julie Rudner, Katherine Fraser, and Judith Rebecca Leshinsky


Work-Life interference among working Australian Muslim men :Where religion and culture unite, Adem Sav, Neil Harris, and Bernadette Sebar

Curriculum development for a minor in computing, Jan Seruga

Processing in the clouds, Jan Seruga and H. Hwang

'Get down and get dirty in the mathematics' :technology and mathematical modelling in senior secondary, Gloria Stillman and J. Brown

Research mentoring on the edge :early career researchers and academic fringe-dwelling, W. Sutherland-Smith, Sue Saltmarsh, and H. Randell-Moon


The importance of Wrist Flexion and X-Factor in the Golf Swing :A Forward Kinematic Approach, Matthew Sweeney, Peter Mills, Jacqueline Alderson, and Bruce Elliott

One-to-one computing :considerations and issues for the Higher Education sector, Miriam Tanti and L. Cameron

Kinematic and Coordination Variability of the Throwing Arm During the Water Polo Shot, Paul Taylor, Raul Landeo, and Jennifer Coogan

Investigate failings in survey method for improving business research, Bulend Terzioglu, P. Schmidt, and E. Chan

Sowing the seeds of transfer pricing conflict, Bulend Terzioglu and A. Steen

Giant swings with turns completed to handstand on uneven bars, Kylie Thomas and E. Bradshaw

Teaching differential equations in undergraduate mathematics :technology issues for service courses, Patrick Tobin and V. Weiss

Quilting in Silence :sound embedded in Cloth, Belinda von Mengersen

Young Indigenous Australian children's learning of mathematics :the influence of the role of teacher and teacher assistants, Elizabeth Warren, S. McDonald, and E. De Vries

An exploration of young students' ability to generalise function tasks, Elizabeth Warren, J. L. Miller, and T. Cooper

Exploring young children's functional thinking, Elizabeth Warren, J. L. Miller, and T. Cooper

Teachers' use of national test data to focus numeracy instruction, Paul White and J. Anderson

Concerned about their learning :what matters to mathematics students seeking to study despite absence from school owing to chronic illness, Karina Wilkie

Pre-service teacher action research using bibliotherapy to address mathematics anxiety, Sue A. Wilson

'My self-esteem has risen dramatically' :A case-study of pre-service teacher action research using bibliotherapy to address mathematics anxiety, Sue A. Wilson and S. L. Gurney


Adapting assessment instruments for an Alaskan context, Monica May Dze Wong and Jerry Lipka


Percentages as a co-ordination class, Vince Wright

Facing the challenge of retaining new teachers in rural and remote settings :a report of two case studies using a community-based mentoring model in Queensland, Australia, Janelle Young and J. Kennedy

Development towards a professional values framework :community and practitioners perspective, K. Zegwaard and Matthew Campbell

Ethics and values :the need for student awareness of workplace value systems, K. Zegwaard and Matthew Campbell

Submissions from 2010


Using digital tools to connect learners :present and future scenarios for citizenship 2.0, Sultana Lubna Alam and Catherine McLoughlin

Auditing the TPACK Competence and Confidence of Australian Teachers :The teaching with ICT Audit Survey (TWictAS), Peter Albion, Romina Jamieson-Proctor, and Glenn Finger

Inequity at work :Examining the role of personal and contextual variables in employee strain reactions, A F. Allisey, A. Noblet, and J. Rodwell


Why Toyota was the almighty in just-in-time delivery and zero defects, Evelyn Leung Anderson

A fair go! Narrative accounts of sports officials experiences with media induced stress, Chris Baldwin

Design/Technology Education and The National Curriculum, John Leslie Barlow

The Networked Solution Project - Evaluation of the Graduate Diploma of Education (GDE) at the University of Wollongong (UOW): A focus on renewal for a sustainable future, Tina Bavaro and Richard Caladine


Modeling perceived value of professional business services, Ralitza Bell

Perceived expertise, risk, reputation and compensation fairness as predictors of perceived value in professional business services, Ralitza Bell


Catholic educational leadership :A beacon of hope and a light for the future, Michael Bezzina

Paying attention to moral purpose in Catholic schools :lessons from Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners, Michael Bezzina


Performance and health concepts in artistic gymnastics., Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw

Engaging with ethical praxis :a study of ethical issues arising from self-study research, Robyn Brandenburg and Ann Gervasoni


Transforming higher education :a longitudinal study of change in an Australian university, Carolyn Broadbent


Using Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) to build professional learning communities, Carolyn Broadbent, Josephine Brady, and Maureen Boyle


Texting, sexting and social networking among Australian youth and the need for cyber safety education, Jillian Elizabeth Burgess and Catherine McLoughlin

Online Studying Patterns and Student's Performance, Nasir Butrous

Reflection in Learning and Management :Training, Nasir Butrous


A framework for analysis of learning in professional settings, Matthew Campbell


Boys, blokes and books: Engaging boys in reading, Janet Carroll and Kaye Lowe

The time is right :embedding education for sustainable development into pre-service science and technology teacher education, Lyn Carter and Caroline Smith

The Role of Gender in Workplace Bullying :An Exploratory Study, Gian Casimir, Darcy James McCormack, and Nikola Djurkovic


Hybrid Learning :Teaching for Quality Learning at University, Elsie Siu Chan


A Review of Survey Methodology Employed in IT Outsourcing, Elsie Siu King Chan and Bulend Terzioglu

Telling my Story :Practice Based Research, Diane Marie Charleson

Common perceptions of international chinese students learning :fact or fiction, Janet Cheng Lian Chew

The Effect Of New Public Management on Participative Decison-Making in A Public Sector Organisation, Jerome Choy, Darcy McCormack, and Nikola Djurkovic


Teachers' extent of the use of particular task types in mathematics and choices behind that use, Doug Clarke and Anne Roche

The inter-day reliability of a method used to determine vertical, knee and ankle stiffness during running, Ross Clark, Corey Joseph, and Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw

Learning in the community :Students experience of community service, Ide Clinton and Theda Thomas


Cognitive psychology does not reduce to neuroscience, Lincoln Colling and Reece Roberts


Action synchronization with biological motion, Lincoln Colling, William Thompson, and John Sutton

Teaching mathematics and play-based learning in an Indigenous early childhood setting :early childhood teachers' perspectives, Eva De Vries, L. Thomas, and E. Warren


The Australian Story :Catalysts and Inhibitors in the Achievement of New Women Professors, Carmel Diezmann and Susan Grieshaber

Students as Decoders of Graphics in Mathematics, Carmel Diezmann and Tom Lowrie

Challenging multiplicative problems can elicit sophisticated strategies, Ann Downton

MVC-MC :A Rich Internet Application architecture for optimal separation of concerns, Christopher D'Souza and Athula Ginige

Poverty as a social issue in Augustine's homilies, Geoffrey Dunn

The functions of Mary in the Christmas homilies of Augustine of Hippo, Geoffrey Dunn

Deacons in the early fifth century :canonical developments in Rome under Innocent I, Geoffrey D. Dunn

Interpersonal factors as precipitators of crisis :A focus on ministers of religion, Barry J. Fallon and Simon M. Rice

The wheels keep turning :Associations between relationship status and male depression in truck drivers, Barry J. Fallon and Simon M. Rice


The impact of two teachers' use of specific scaffolding practices on low-attaining upper primary students, Sarah Ferguson and Andrea McDonough


Beyond Pedagogical Content Knowledge :The Importance of TPACK for informing Pre-service Teacher Education in Australia, Glenn Finger, Romina Jamieson-Proctor, and Peter Albion


Review of regulatory framework for environmental information, Anne M. Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper, and Cheryl Foong


Teachers' and parents' perspectives of digital technology in the lives of young children, Jillian Fox, Carmel Diezmann, and Susan Grieshaber


Early Childhood Teachers' Mathematical Content Knowledge, Jillian Fox, Sue Grieshaber, and Carmel Diezmann


Early Childhoof Teachers' Mathematical Content Knowledge, Jillian Fox, Susan Grieshaber, and Carmel Diezmann


Transmission of vibration about the knee, Trentham Furness, Corey Joseph, Bianca Share, Geraldine Naughton, Wayne Maschette, and Christian Lorenzen


From theory to practice :implementing innovative and authentic assessment tasks within pre-service teacher education courses, Mary Gallagher and Theresa Shellshear

Daring To Care :Is Spirituality Sustainable In Organisations Providing Healthcare, Donald K. Gates, John Rodwell, Peter Steane, and Andrew Noblet

Bridging the numeracy gap for students in low SES communities :the power of a whole school approach, Ann Gervasoni, Linda Parish, Cait Upton, Teresa Hadden, Kathie Turkenburg, Kate Bevan, Carole Livesey, Deirdre Thompson, Melissa Crowswell, and Julie Southwell


The Ballarat Clemente program: A doorway to the treasures of humanities education, Ann Gervasoni, Jeremy Smith, and Peter Howard