Submissions from 2010


Black conservative intellectuals in modern America, Michael Ondaatje


See, I Am Doing A New Thing!, Stephen Reid, Robert Dixon, and Noel Connolly


Attachment theory and the teacher-student relationship : a practical guide for teachers, teacher educators and school leaders, Philip Riley


Speaking out : stopping homophobic and transphobic abuse in Queensland, Shirleene Robinson


Au Coeur de la raison, la phenomenologie (At the heart of reason, Phenomenology), Claude Romano

De La Couleur, Claude Romano

L'aventure temporelle, Claude Romano

Surviving Teenage Motherhood Myths and Realities, Helen Stapleton


Wandering in darkness: narrative and the problem of suffering, Eleonore Stump


Child, Nation, Race and Empire: Child Rescue Discourse, England, Canada and Australia, 1850-1915, Shurlee Swain and Margot Hillel


Globalization east and west, Bryan Stanley Turner and Habibul Haque Khondker


Reconciling community and subjective Life : trauma testimony as political theorizing in the work of Jean Amery and Imre Kertesz, Magdalena Zolkos

Submissions from 2009

Values and the pursuit of sports excellence: Swimmers from Singapore and Australia, Nick Alpin and John E. Saunders


Business ethics and ethical business, Robert Audi


The Law of Globalization - An Introduction, Laurence Boulle

Survival for the active family, Louise Mary Burke, Liz Broad, Gregory R. Cox, Christine E. Dziedzic, Stephen Gurr, Nikki A. Jeacocke, Michelle Minehan, Jo Mirtschin, and Greg Shaw

Image, Symbol and Mystery: An Eastern Christian View of the Sacraments, Brian J. Lawrence Cross and Joseph Leach

An overview and summary of the National Evaluation of the Dementia Initiative - Main findings - Final report, Colleen Joy Doyle, Susan Day, David Dunt, Rosemary McKenzie, Pauline van Dort, Katie Yates, Lynne Pezzullo, Janet Opie, Richard Rosewarne, Cecily Hunter, and Vanessa White

Vers un tantra chretien: la rencontre du christianisme et du shivaisme du cachemire, John Dupuche

Strategic leadership and public school principals, Scott Eacott


Paul, Jerusalem and the Judaisers: the Galatian crisis in its broader historical context, Ian Elmer

Kierkegaard: An Introduction, Charles Stephen Evans


Intellectual Appetite, Paul John Griffiths

Developmental disorders of language learning and cognition, Charles Hulme and Margaret J. Snowling

Jake just does scribbles but I do pictures: Drawing self-efficacy and the messages four-to nine-year-old children give and receive about their drawing, Rosemary Doris Richards

The family meeting in palliative care: An instrument for spiritual care, Heather Margaret Tan


United Nations Reform Heading North or South?, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Submissions from 2008

A CBT Practitioners Guide to ACT - How to bridge the gap between cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, Joseph Ciarrochi and Anne Bailey


Beyond compare: St. Francis de sales and Sri Vedanta Desika on loving surrender to God, Francis Xavier Clooney


A review of science outreach strategies north and south: with some recommendations for improvement, Kevin Davison, Veronica McCauley, Christine Domegan, and William McClune


Matthew Beovich: A Biography, Josephine Laffin

The Spirit Within: The Liminal Experiences of Some Senior High School Students, Paul McQuillan

A handbook to flourish: A recovery-based self development program, Lindsay Gregory Oades

Evaluating Action Research, Eileen Piggot-Irvine and Brendan John Bartlett

Something like Slavery? Queensland's Aboriginal Child Workers, 1842-1945, Shirleene Robinson

Legislating Against Tax Avoidance, Rachel Anne Tooma


The body & society: Explorations in social theory, Bryan Stanley Turner

Submissions from 2007

Masculinities and schooling: International practices and perspectives, Blye W. Frank and Kevin Davison

Techniques for Monitoring the Comparability of Examination Standards, Harvey Goldstein

Quality assurance for long-term care: The experiences of England, Australia, Germany and Japan, Joshua M. Wiener, Jane Tilly, Anne Howe, Colleen Joy Doyle, Alison Evans Cuellar, John Campbell, and Naoki Ikegami

Submissions from 2006

Community care: National comprehensive assessment approach - Options paper (revised), Peter Foreman, Colleen Joy Doyle, and Ian Gardner

Targeting in community care: A review of recent literature and analysis of the Aged Care Assessment Program Minimum data set, Anna Howe, Colleen Joy Doyle, and Yvonne Wells


Hitler's Bavarian antagonist: Georg Moenius and the Allgemeine Rundschau of Munich, 1929-193, Greg Munro


Seventh-century popes and martyrs: the political hagiography of Anastasius Bibliothecarius, Bronwen Neil


Vulnerability and Human Rights, Bryan Stanley Turner

Submissions from 2004


The good in the right: A theory of intuition and intrinsic value, Robert Audi

Submissions from 2003


Tampering with asylum: A universal humanitarian problem, Frank Brennan

Submissions from 2002

Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-66 & GMFM-88) users manual, Dianne J. Russell, Peter Rosenbaum, Marilyn Wright, and Lisa M. Avery