Submissions from 2008

The role of awareness and autonomy in quieting the ego: A self-determination theory perspective, Christopher P. Niemiec, Richard Michael Ryan, and Kirk Warren Brown


The beyond bullying secondary program: An innovative program empowering teachers to counteract bullying in schools, Roberto H. Parada, Rhonda Gai Craven, and Herbert Warren Marsh


The information systems discipline in Victoria, Carol E. Pollard and Elsie Siu King Chan

La Passion De Danser - Les deux cotes de la medaille, Blanka Rip, Robert J. Vallerand, and Sylvie Fortin

Extending intelligence: Conclusions and future directions, Richard D. Roberts, Lazar Stankov, Ralf Schulze, and Patrick C. Kyllonen

On the Frontline: The Queer Press and the Fight Against Homophobia, Shirleene Robinson

Too good to last: The short but inspiring career of an autonomy-supportive english teacher, Richard Michael Ryan

Self-determination theory and the role of basic psychological needs in personality and the organization of behavior, Richard Michael Ryan and Edward L. Deci


Public accountability, religious literacy and student learning, Shukri Raja Sanber, Jude Butcher, Anthony Michael Steel, and Graham Joseph English


East meets West: An examination of the Big-Fish-Little-Pond Effect in Western and non-Western countries, Marjorie Seaton, Rhonda Gai Craven, and Herbert Warren Marsh

Homophobia in Fin de Siecle Colonial Queensland, Yorick Smaal and Clive Moore

Reading and other specific learning difficulties, Margaret J. Snowling and Charles Hulme

Reading intervention for children with language learning difficulties, Margaret J. Snowling and Charles Hulme


Processes on the borderline between cognitive abilities and personality: Confidence and its realism, Lazar Stankov and Sabina Kleitman


Culture: Ways of thinking and believing, Lazar Stankov and Jihyun Lee

Leadership theories, educational change and developing a learning organization, Lauren Stephenson

Epidemiology of coronary artery disease, Simon Stewart


Research into the teaching and learning of applications and modelling in Australasia, Gloria Stillman, Jill Patricia Brown, and Peter Galbraith


Presence and Omnipresence, Eleonore Stump


Samson and Self-Destroying Evil, Eleonore Stump

The Problem of Evil and the Desires of the Heart, Eleonore Stump


The Futures Of Globalization, Bryan Stanley Turner

Le modele hierarchique: Une analyse integrative des determinants et consequences de la motivation intrinseque et extrinseque, Robert J. Vallerand and Paule Miquelon


Aggression and non-aggression amongst six types of drivers, Evelyne Vallieres, Pierre McDuff, Robert J. Vallerand, and Jacques Bergeron

Patterns that support early algebraic thinking in the elementary school, Elizabeth Anne Warren and Tom Cooper

From Vice to Homosexuality: Policing Perversion in the 1950s, Graham Willett

Multimodal reading and comprehension in online environments, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and John Elkins


Motivation of high and low achievers in China over time, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Winnie Puiling Liu, Frances Lai-Mui-Lee, Jun Wu, Jing Dai, and Huixian Wu


Ability vs. effort: Perceptions of students from the east and from the west, Alexander Seeshing Yeung and Anton Yeung

Submissions from 2007

Prospect or promise Internationalisation in Australia, Susan M. Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett

Unreal Friends, Dean Cocking and Stephen Crawford Matthews

Intrapsychic factors contributing to adolescent depression, Lisa Clare Milne and Phillip Greenway


Towards defining a Christian culture: The Christian transformation of classical literature, Bronwen Neil


Globalization, religion and empire in Asia, Bryan Stanley Turner

Submissions from 2006


Age and aging: The social world of Foucault and Bourdieu, Alex Dumas and Bryan Stanley Turner


Citizenship East and West: Reflections on revolutions and civil society, Bryan Stanley Turner

Submissions from 2005

Dimensions of meaning: Theology and exegesis, Anthony Kelly


Bringing Australia home: Peter Carey; the Booker; and the repatriation of Australian culture, Karen Lamb

Submissions from 2002

Left; Right or Straight Ahead: Contemporary Prospects for Progressive and Critical Criminology, Judith Bessant

Choice and Responsibility: The Delegation of Decision Making to Intelligent Software Agents, Carolyn Dowling

Researching agent aechnologies in the electronic classroom, Carolyn Dowling

Building Theory in Leadership Through Electronic Networking, Patrick Augustine Duignan; Victoria Collins; Lynette Coulon Coulon; and Fagan, Michael Thomas

A Terrible Beauty: David Zindell and the Trans-human Condition, Andrew Graham Enstice

The University: Is it Finished?, Gaita, Raimond

A 'War of Good Against Evil', Raimond Gaita


Intervening in Ethics, Raimond Gaita

Translator's Introduction, Robyn Lesley Horner

Grace: Meaning and Catholic Education, Anthony Kelly


Introduction to the Microfilm Edition, Carolyn Masel


Poet of Comrades: Walt Whitman and the Bolton Whitman Fellowship, Carolyn Masel

'If you were a bear.' 6-year-olds negotiating 'reality' through drama, Lorraine McDonals

Ramzejs Un Murs Par Propoziciju Dabu (Ramsey and Moore on the nature of propositions), John Talivaldis Ozolins


But the children ... Indigenous Child Removal Policies Compared, Shurlee Lesley Swain

Bone of my Bones; Flesh of my Flesh: A brief history of the Clone in Science Fiction, Janeen Suzanne Webb

Teaching and Learning in Mathematics by Abstraction, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore


Freedom of Information: Back to Basics, Spencer Michael Zifcak

The Independence and Reform of the Judiciary In Indonesia, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Towards a Reconciliation of Legal and Social Work Practice, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Submissions from 2001

The Consequences of Childhood Peer Rejection, Patricia McDougall, Shelley Hymel, Tracy Vaillancourt, and Kay Louise Mercer

Submissions from 1999


Why is self-knowledge different from other kinds of knowledge, Akeel Bilgrami

Submissions from 1989

Discussions of the findings, Bonnie Meyer, Carol Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Background literature in aging and reading, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Findings from the study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Introduction and rationale for the study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett


Method for the evaluation study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett